DeSantis aides are launching the 2024 super PAC

Peter Hamby: “Multiple GOP sources tell me that a pair of respected Republican consultants—Phil Cox, an experienced adviser to Republican governors with close ties to major donors, and Lisle Hickey, former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee—are recruiting staff for a super PAC that A DeSantis will support the bid.” “The governor hasn’t … Read more

Abortion and the 13th Amendment

It’s easy enough for a district judge to stand alone in Amarillo or Lubbock. But it is quite difficult for a judge to maroon himself on a deserted island along the Acela Corridor. Still, judge Colin Coller-Cotelli somehow managed that Crusoean feat. Judge Kolar-Cotelli is presiding over the case against the anti-abortion advocates. and post-Dobbs, … Read more

The New York Times piece shows that Democrats are doubting Kamala Harris’ ability

You know the liberal love affair with the First Lady VPOTUS is tangled, tangled and under some strain The New York Times Even wondering if his career and reputation are worth saving or if they need someone else to reinvigorate voters. The Times published a headline Monday that questioned Harris’ qualifications and competence, even adding … Read more