DeSantis aides are launching the 2024 super PAC

Peter Hamby: “Multiple GOP sources tell me that a pair of respected Republican consultants—Phil Cox, an experienced adviser to Republican governors with close ties to major donors, and Lisle Hickey, former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee—are recruiting staff for a super PAC that A DeSantis will support the bid.”

“The governor hasn’t decided on a campaign, but both Cox and Hickey are experienced, high-level strategists who helped manage DeSantis’ 2020 re-election bid and his attention-grabbing battles on education and Covid. They’re not the kind of people who waste their days fighting randoms on Twitter — both were working in the trenches of Republican politics long before Trump came along — and their involvement in a potential super PAC is one of the strongest signals yet that DeSantis is headed for a national campaign. moving forward I’m also told that Jenara Peck, a Darden MBA with Virginia roots who now works for DeSantis in Tallahassee, is making similar recruiting calls to Republican operatives about possibly working on a gubernatorial campaign if DeSantis decides to do so.”

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