The New York Times piece shows that Democrats are doubting Kamala Harris’ ability

You know the liberal love affair with the First Lady VPOTUS is tangled, tangled and under some strain The New York Times Even wondering if his career and reputation are worth saving or if they need someone else to reinvigorate voters.

The Times published a headline Monday that questioned Harris’ qualifications and competence, even adding to the list of some well-connected Democrats who think the current VP should drop out at the upcoming 2024 convention so he doesn’t. Drag the Biden odds.

The article accused Harris of “having a difficult time trying to define his vice-presidency.” Even his allies are tired of waiting.” Not what you want to hear from a flagship liberal publication just before the start of a general election cycle.

“But the painful reality for Ms. Harris is that in private conversations over the past few months, at the White House, on Capitol Hill and with dozens of Democrats — some of whom helped put her on the party’s 2020 ticket — she said she faces the challenge of proving herself as the party’s future leader. Not read, much less than the country.”

Who are some of these Democrats who, if not on Orange’s list of enemies, have perhaps now made him an enemy?

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It’s not me, it’s you

Someone willing to put their names out there was John Morgan, a longtime Democratic fundraiser who believes Harris’ dismal record from his first term will make it “one of the toughest arguments against Biden.”

Aside from his abysmal (some might say nonexistent) efforts to manage the crippling immigration crisis along our southern border, Democrats aren’t sure if Harris would perform better in a leadership position if forced to take over POTUS’s office.

Yes, Democrats are now beginning to recognize that Biden’s age and apparent cognitive decline are creating a situation they cannot escape.

“Look, we really have to think about this as he ages, it doesn’t take a genius to say,” Morgan said.

“I can’t think of anything he did,” he continued, “except stay out of the way and stand by him on certain occasions.”

Fox News cites multiple polls indicating that he is largely unfavorable among American voters, with only “39% of Americans saying they approve of the VP”.

That shouldn’t make Democrats think Biden will be able to pull his weight to victory. A recent poll by FiveThirtyEight found that Biden has a current disapproval rating of 52%.

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Will Biden change his vice president?

It’s not new inside the Beltway to consider picking another VP to be part of President Biden’s 2024 ticket.

While the rumors persist, especially since Biden has denied rumors that he is considering not running for another term, which he has unequivocally said he plans to do in 2024, there are enough political commentators to claim that Biden is still bringing Harris with him. Either happily or not.

“The job is inherently subordinate — the only thing worse than embarrassing the president is outrunning him — and the office almost always diminishes its occupant,” said columnist Mark Baraback. Los Angeles Times. “Enter as a respected governor or U.S. senator, and soon you are transformed in the public eye into a lapdog, a void, or an anchor of the administration.”

As far as replacement rumors go, Barabach is unconvinced, going so far as to say that “Biden has given every indication — both public and private — that he plans to run for re-election with Harris at his side. The conversation about 2024 is all about that idea.” The premise is that he will remain on the Democratic ticket, according to several people familiar with the negotiations. There has been no talk of a replacement, they said.”

California Democratic strategist Dan Newman, known as his state’s senator with Harris, also doesn’t think the rumors are based on anything factual.

“I think there’s zero chance of replacing him,” he said, believing the whispers and rumors to be nothing more than “a bunch of hullabaloo about nothing.”

Hank Scheinkopf, a New York Democratic political consultant, further clarified his assurances, saying, “If Biden runs for re-election, he stays.”

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