We declared an emergency over monkeypox but not Ohio Chernobyl? (video)

The situation in Ohio appears to be much worse than we have been told.

Tonight on Fox News, Jesse Waters pointed out that just a year ago, we had a national emergency for monkeypox, but not for what’s happening in Ohio.

Two years ago, you couldn’t leave your house without a mask, but Ohio is fine.

Also, where are the people who constantly talk about the environment and climate change?

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Gas stove but not a threat to the environment?

Transcript via Fox News:

Biden never stops talking about trains, and he told us he’s going to cure cancer. And now a train goes off the track, they set it on fire, it’s probably going to give everyone cancer and the president is calling a cap. Their entire Ohio River is polluted. These chemicals are flowing into West Virginia, and we have not declared a national emergency.

We declared a national emergency for monkeypox, and there is no national emergency? Biden was too scared to let a piece of debris fall from a balloon in Montana, but he’s OK with cancerous chemicals in our rivers. I mean, if not Joe, would you be mad at Al Gore? No. Chemical disaster results in acid rain, dead fish.

At this moment Al’s face is not red? Even Mayor Pete is in hiding and he’s literally in charge of the railroad system. This stuff is so bad, even Ilhan Omar and “Jesse Waters Primetime” agree, with the Squadster saying, “We need direct action from Pete.”

But a big cover-up is happening. The rail company, Norfolk Southern, is doing whatever they want. When the Norfolk Southern train spilled 500 tons of toxic chemicals in Ohio, they said, “Okay, guys, this is how we’re going to handle things. You know, this crime scene we have here? We’re just going to set it on fire.” And the Biden administration and the Ohio government said, “Okay, just throw a match at it and we’ll say it’s safe.”

Here is the video:

Mayor Pete Karin is as useless as Jean-Pierre. We are being led by fools.