Joe Biden claims food prices are falling after inflation report shows prices

According to Joe Biden, food prices are falling. Except, they really aren’t.

The latest inflation report showed that grocery store prices rose in January.

Biden knows he can just say stuff like this and the media will let him get away with it.

Breitbart News reports:

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Joe Biden Falsely Claims Food Prices ‘Keep Falling’

After the release of Tuesday’s inflation report, President Joe Biden falsely claimed that grocery store prices rose in January.

Delivering a keynote speech Tuesday afternoon at the National Association of Counties, Biden falsely claimed that inflation, including food prices, was coming down.

“Today’s inflation report shows that inflation in America continues to decline,” Biden claimed. “Grocery Store Food Prices Falling.”

But household food prices rose 0.5 percent from December, according to the Consumer Price Index report released Tuesday morning. Over the past 12 months, grocery prices have risen 10.1 percent, the figures show, reflecting January.

Prices for many common grocery items rose dramatically, with eggs rising 70 percent, cereal 15.6 percent and coffee 12.6 percent.

Biden is not living in reality.

When was the last time Biden was even in a grocery store?