The Kiss of Death – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is endorsed by George Soros

Florida Governor DeSantis just received the kiss of death. George Soros has endorsed DeSantis for 2024.

It couldn’t be worse for DeSantis.

When Satan likes you, you might be doing something wrong.

George Soros famously admitted that stealing from and looting Jews aided the Nazis in World War II. He said in an interview on 60 Minutes of all places 20 years ago that if he didn’t do it, someone else would.

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After this relationship with the Nazis, Soros was granted some form of US citizenship and was a major funder of the Democrat Party.

Soros is affiliated with a number of non-profit organizations (which are considered non-partisan under US tax law). These non-profits are merciless attack dogs.

Soros-linked groups were behind many of the riots during the Trump administration. He has supported DAs in cities who refuse to prosecute criminals and corrupt secretaries of state in swing states.

Earning a Soros recommendation is not a good thing for DeSantis.

The conservative Treehouse reported Thursday:

DeSantis says that “Intelligent, ruthless, and ambitious“, George Soros added, giving an endorsement to the governor of Florida, “He is likely to be the Republican nominee

While billionaire leftist and fearsome globalist George Soros is extolling the virtues of your personality, you might be doing the whole Republican presidential candidate thing wrong. Just sayin’.

The Washington Examiner noted Soros’ comments earlier in the day:

In a wide-ranging speech, Soros tore apart Trump’s presidency and tore apart elements that complement DeSantis’ style.

“DeSantis is intelligent, ruthless and ambitious,” Soros said, “he could be the Republican candidate.”

Trump, on the other hand, “has become a pathetic figure in 2020, constantly mourning his loss. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves,” he said.

Soros, an international financier and philanthropist, typically dumps millions of dollars into political contests and committees. He heads a global liberal network of groups pushing for climate change, financial reform and changes to the criminal system.

He recently teamed up with Charles Koch and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to revive the Iran nuclear deal, according to reports.

Soros hates President Trump and did everything he could to remove him from office. That he shared this about DeSantis doesn’t bode well for the Florida governor.