Fellow Democrat slams Chicago Mayor Lightfoot for turning O’Hare into airport

The Gateway Pundit reports on Third World conditions at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Airport employees shared concerns about conditions that are turning into a dangerous, and dirty, homeless camp.

Welcome to a Democrat controlled city.

CBS News in Chicago spoke with workers Vonkisha Chatman and Kathryn Thompson who were tasked with cleaning up the mess.

“It’s out of control,” Chatman said.

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“None of us feel safe,” Chatman said.

Chatman and Thompson work overnight as custodians at O’Hare Terminals 1 and 2 – where they are not always covered by security. They both say they have been harassed by the homeless community, who set up camps during their shifts.

Failed Mayor Laurie Lightfoot faces an upcoming election in a city that has seen crime spiral out of control in an increasingly unsafe city.

Voters had had enough of Lightfoot’s continued failure. Fox32 in Chicago reports that the mayoral race is tightening, “Paul Vallas, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and Lori Lightfoot are still fighting for the right to advance to the runoff election in April. And it may come down to who will do the best job of getting their supporters to the polls over the next two weeks.”

Over Tucker Carlson, Chicago Democrat Alderman Raymond Lopez publicly criticized Lightfoot for the spiraling crisis that has filled one of the nation’s busiest airports with travelers using the space as an “indoor outhouse.”

Fox News reports:

Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez called out Mayor Laurie Lightfoot on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for the spiraling crisis as he seeks re-election in less than two weeks.

“They’re not just peeing in the hallway,” Lopez told Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. “They are bathing in the toilet there. They’re making a mockery of what we have here in Chicago, and we understand that homelessness is a problem that we must address.”

“But turning O’Hare Airport into a homeless shelter for hundreds of people every day, when we’re trying to welcome people here, when we’re trying to encourage tourism, trying to bring business clients back, trying to bring families back to our city. , and only to be greeted by hundreds of homeless people who have mental health issues, may be armed, may not even be clothed, is not something that instills a lot of confidence in our city, in our mayor,” he continued.

“And obviously, he doesn’t care because he’s 17 miles away from it.”

Watch the interview below.