Some 2024 Republicans may try a late entry

Tara Palmeri: “Once upon a time, announcing late in the third wave was considered a mistake or the vanity of the uber-rich. Trump’s golden elevator landing in June 2015 was considered late at the time. Mike Bloomberg was humbled entering the Democratic primaries in late November 2019, thinking he could blow away Iowa and New Hampshire and focus on delegates in California and Super Tuesday contests.”

“This cycle, however, may reverse that philosophy itself. Conventional wisdom suggests that Trump and DeSantis can bludgeon each other enough to open a new lane that won’t be filled by the milquetoast Haley-Pompeo-Pence, who are barely able to make a sound amid the din. “

“And all of this could clear the way for a late-entry dark horse. I’ve been told by people close to Chris Christie and Rick Scott that they could see a late opening for themselves for a variety of reasons. Glenn Youngkin, with his deep pockets and self-funding ability. , is tipped to enter later. Those tipping Youngkin see him running around the first debate, which could be in late July or early August, according to smoke signals from the RNC, or he could skip the first debate altogether and jump into the second. can.”

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