If Biden blows up energy pipelines of American allies, shouldn’t he be impeached?

A report yesterday, not the first, claimed that Joe Biden had blown up the pipeline supplying energy to Europe. If this is true, is it not an impeachable offense alone?

On Wednesday, Larry Johnson reported on his old friend, Seymour Hersh, and his bombshell report on the Russian pipeline to Europe that blew up last year. Harsh, who is also involved in big stories like the Seth Rich story, dropped another bombshell.

Other reports tied it together and showed additional evidence that Biden was behind blowing up a major energy pipeline in Europe where our allies live.

Speaking with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the White House on February 7, 2022, Joe Biden said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, “there would be no more Nord Stream 2”. Pressed to explain how, Biden doubled down: “We will – I promise you – we will be able to do it.”

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At a press conference on September 30, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called the attack on Nord Stream “a great opportunity to eliminate dependence on Russian power once and for all and thus take the weaponization of power away from Vladimir Putin as a means.” to advance his imperial designs.”

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room on September 30, after the attack on the major pipeline from Russia to Germany, investigative reporter Darren Beatty called the Nord Stream sabotage “one of the most significant attacks on European infrastructure in decades,” possibly committed by a Western ally. And not Russia. “All the Europeans calmly understand that this is probably in the hands of the NATO allies. That’s why they’re being good little vassal states and not making too much noise about it.”

Beatty said the pipeline bombing gave Biden leverage over Europe.

“If it is an unspoken, tacit understanding, it is now clear to all that there are no truly sovereign states in Europe. Europe is a vassal state. Europe is a slave state of the United States. Putin basically tried to shame them into doing it. The only problem is, Germans have no shame, no pride, no inherent sense that they deserve to be a sovereign nation. And that’s why they’ll stick their tails between their legs and pretend like nothing happened”, Beatty said.

As mentioned above this was an act of war on behalf of Biden.

The post below has more information.

“Crazy US terror law blowing up pipelines to Europe and escalating war with nuclear-armed Russia”.

Despite all the other crimes and corrupt practices of this administration since the 2020 election, if all of this is true, isn’t going to war with a nuclear superpower like Russia a big deal?

Destroying our allies’ pipelines that provide them with energy to stay warm in the winter and keep their cars off the highway?

America’s name abroad is already tarnished by our media and China’s media efforts to destroy America. This act by Biden about providing energy to our allies is just what our media and outsiders are working so hard to create that will cause massive reputational damage. This move helped Russia and China.

Is this not enough reason to impeach Biden? Why are you waiting? How many more events that harm our allies and the reputation of our great country will Biden take part in between now and when he is impeached? Don’t forget his son’s name is Hunter.

Can the world risk nuclear war with the “Big Guy” in charge?