Kyrsten Sinema is almost certainly running again

Tara Palmeri: “There’s a consensual delusion going on among the left these days that Kirsten Cinema—her flashy yellow winged frocks, wigs, go-go boots, oenophile bisexual Ironman lifestyle, is a constant Washingtonian curiosity because of the dates. A night with Kevin McCarthy, and yes, a Democrat-to-independent conversion—somehow deciding not to run for re-election in 2024.”

“Of course, that would make things easier for Democrats — easier for Rep. Ruben Gallego, his pesky Democratic challenger, who has been aiming his fire at the movie for years; for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who would probably prefer to stay neutral rather than oppose the movie. Doe, who votes with his caucus most of the time; and for the caucus in general, which is sick of having Mini-Manchin complicate their priorities. Perhaps, in a fantasy, Cinema will decide he’s in the desert writing bestsellers and sitting on the board of companies like Pfizer. .”

“Alas, it’s all nonsense: Cinema, a fundraising machine and darling of Wall Street and Big Pharma alike, will run for Senate in Arizona as an independent, even if it means he’s a spoiler for Democrats.”

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