Manchin is furious with how Biden is enforcing the voting decision law

Even Democrats aren’t happy with Biden.

A new report says Joe Manchin is angry about how the Biden administration is implementing the inflation-reduction law.

Manchin said, “I completely and utterly disagree with what they’re doing” and “raising hell.”

Politico reported:

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President Joe Biden and Joe Manchin met nearly a month ago at the White House on an issue that is critically important to the West Virginia senator: the implementation of sweeping tax, climate and health care laws shaped by both men.

And if you ask Manchin, things haven’t gotten better since that huddle. That’s because the West Virginia Democrat is worried about how his party president and his administration are crafting a party-line bill that served as a crowning achievement for both men — and he’s especially upset about the delay in new guidelines about who gets the law’s leniency. Electric vehicle tax credit.

He even spoke directly to Yellen on the matter several times. Summing up his approach late, Manchin said: “I’m raising hell.”

A frustrated Manchin is nothing new for Democrats, but the current situation is clearly intolerable for them. He remains undecided about seeking re-election next year in a state critical to retaining his Senate majority. And as chair of the Energy Committee, he has the power to wreak havoc by slowing down nominees, barring Biden officials from giving public testimony and enacting legislation against the administration’s wishes.

His anger isn’t just about electric vehicle tax credits.

Manchin is furious that Democrats are trying to sell the bill as “fighting climate change.”

Fox News reported:

Manchin’s Inflationary Reduction Act (IRA) complaints go beyond EV tax credits He sees his party promoting the law not as a “climate change fighter” but as an “energy security measure” he believes it really is.

Politico noted that of late, Manchin has touted “the strength of the bill he wrote to puncture Democratic hopes to end U.S. reliance on fossil fuels.”

He reserved some harsh words for Democrats who would promote legislation to make the change. The outlet quoted him as saying, “That’s bulls***. So they’re basically going to starve us of the energy we have in abundant, abundant supply because of their wishful thinking?

He added, “I will continue to fight and do everything I can to make sure the public knows what they are doing and what it will do to you and your economy and your lifestyle.”

Manchin should not have trusted the Biden administration!

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