Elon Musk Responds to Tweets About Leftist Insanity Pushing World War

The Biden administration continues to push for war with Russia and is doing everything it can to provoke that war. Elon Musk commented on this yesterday.

Biden’s actions make the world a scarier place. The escalation of war between Russia and Ukraine is a prime example.

As reported last week, Biden is likely to blow up the Nord Stream II pipeline between Russia and Europe. If Biden is behind this act of war, Biden should be impeached. It was an act of war by a president without congressional authorization regarding nuclear power.

If Biden blows up Nord Stream 2, should he be impeached for making a law of war against nuclear power without congressional consent?

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The US Constitution requires that Congress be the only entity to pass laws of war. Biden can’t do it himself. His actions regarding Ukraine have been nothing but dangerous.

President Trump has said he can make a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine within 24 hours of the effort. By his actions, Biden shows that he does not want peace.

Elon Musk shared a tweet yesterday showing the insanity of the left. The left said President Trump would get the US into World War III but now Biden and the left and the WEC are pushing for war with nuclear Russia.

This is perfect and another example of the far-left (communists, warmongers, etc.) projecting good Americans for their sins.

We see it when this same corrupt group of individuals label God-loving, family-loving, and America-loving great men “violent” while they ignore the billions of dollars in damage, hundreds of wounded police, and many deaths that result. 2020 BLM and Antifa riots.