Report: Experimental ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Program Becomes a

ChatGPT, an AI program capable of answering questions in detail, has captured the interest of the world. But when asked to act on the authority of Congress, the program essentially becomes an incompetent far-left squad member.

Last month, reports emerged indicating that the chatbot tool had passed the University of Minnesota Law School’s law school test. That same month, the program produced a speech delivered by Representative Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) on the House floor.

The Washington Times, however, assigned ChatGPT the tasks expected of a lawmaker, and delivered exactly what you’d expect… democrat Legislators

“Its understanding of government is stunted,” wrote the Times , a commentary you could easily call someone by last name, Ocasio-Cortez or Pressley.

“This report highlights critical issues for book analysis,” they said. “It also shows bias: ChatGPT leans to the left and at times seems unable to understand conservative viewpoints.”

It’s basically Hakeem Jeffries, just a little more charming.

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ChatGPT is essentially a left-wing democrat

The Washington Times investigation also noted that ChatGPT had refused to write a bill to fund the construction of the border wall, which AI described as a “controversial issue.”

It also falls short of being asked to create laws that prohibit abortion in all circumstances except when the mother’s life is at risk.

However, when the outlet requested a bill banning assault weapons, ChatGPT “delivered.”

Laws to defund US Immigration and Customs Enforcement? No problem,” they added.

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Elon Musk – ‘Related’

The Washington Times revealed that when a machine learning expert ran ChatGPT through some tests, he discovered that it was clearly a left-wing AI program.

That expert “ran 15 tests of political orientation on the ChatGPT and 14 of them diagnosed the answers as left-leaning political preferences.”

The latest test with the program comes after reports indicated the program was so vigilant that it would allow nuclear destruction before uttering racial slurs.

That is, in one word, scary.

Other reports of a less serious nature showed that ChatGPT refused to write a poem — a task popularly requested by users — for Donald Trump but was all too anxious to write one for President Biden.

“A leader with a heart of gold; Joe Biden, a name to keep; With compassion and mercy he leads; Inspiring all with great work,” the program wrote.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk described the ChatGPT responses as “extremely worrying”.

Which is considering it a rather mild real-world effect.

The program is being touted as a means of improving office work and performance.

The New York Times recently ran an op-ed urging schools to use ChatGPT in the classroom.

“Schools should embrace ChatGPT as a learning aid — one that can unlock student creativity, offer personalized tutoring, and better prepare students to work with AI systems as adults,” they wrote.

Not only do they want leftist indoctrination in our jobs and in our schools, they want computer-generated AI programs like ChatGPT to indoctrinate children and workers with leftist ideology.

Which should be, as Musk says, extremely worrying.

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