Canada has asked NYC Mayor Eric Adams to stop sending them illegal immigrants

Last week, New York City was reported to be offering taxpayer-funded bus tickets to Canada for illegal immigrants.

Then it was learned that some immigrants who went to Canada came back when they found out that Canada is really cold in winter.

Now Canada is asking NYC Mayor Eric Adams to stop sending immigrants to Canada.

Suddenly, those who claim they want to give sanctuary to illegals are against illegals.

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The New York Post reports:

Quebec asks Eric Adams to stop buying bus tickets for NY immigrants

The government of Canada’s second most populous province is demanding that Mayor Eric Adams “immediately” stop helping immigrants enter the Great White North illegally, as recently revealed by the Post.

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly prohibited should be stopped immediately,” said a spokesman for Quebec Premier Francois Legault.

“We understand that the migrant situation in New York poses great challenges, but the situation in Quebec and especially in Montreal is even worse and constitutes a significant humanitarian problem.”

Earlier this month, the Post exclusively reported that Adams used taxpayer funds to buy bus tickets for Big Apple immigrants to travel to Plattsburgh.

From there, the migrants take taxis and vans to a cul-de-sac at the end of Wroxham Road in Champlain, where they walk across the border and seek refuge with Canadian Mounties, as documented by the Feb. 5 Post…

The situation has overwhelmed Montreal’s ability to provide housing and other public services with a flood of new students equivalent to opening 13 new schools, he said.

Not all liberals who claim to support illegal immigrants want them. Strange isn’t it?

It was right when the southern border states were dealing with this problem.

What has changed?