MSNBC guest suggests Fox News viewers are in a cult and need deprogramming

MSNBC recently hosted a guest who claimed that people who watch Fox News are in a cult and need to be deprogrammed.

Ironically, he is a Fox News watcher himself. He hosts a podcast about Fox News and watches the channel all day looking for reasons to talk about it.

During this bizarre interview, he says Fox News viewers don’t get real news, like climate change reports or the ongoing Trump investigation.

Brandon Morse wrote at RedState:

Running: Official trap: set up proud boys! Incriminating “1776 Returns” documents sent to Enrique Tario at the behest of the FBI-DOJ prior to January 6! – The document revealing new information was authored by the US government itself!

MSNBC gets incredibly weird as it discusses the ‘deprogramming’ of Fox News viewers

There isn’t much in the way of difference between MSNBC and CNN, it’s just that the former is better at being a left-wing propaganda outlet than the latter…

The segment really gives you a solid sense of how people look outside of their ideological bubble.

The segment took place on “The 11th Hour” with host Stephanie Ruhl. Ruehl was surprised that Fox News responded to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech by calling him a liar. This apparently prompted him to call up Juliette Jess, a professional Fox News analyst, and talk about the network and its audience.

Jess is apparently on a mission to “get” Fox News viewers and free them from the apparent brainwashing the network is forcing on people.

Jeske and Ruehl basically sit around and talk about Fox News like they’re a neglected ex. They spent time complaining that they didn’t talk enough about the endless lawsuits surrounding former President Donald Trump, nor did they talk enough about climate change. They naturally complained about Tucker Carlson and accused him of being a revolutionary against the state for talking about self-defense.

Watch the video below:

Amazing to hear someone accuse others of being in a cult and being clueless while appearing on MSNBC.

It’s a network that has pushed the Russia collusion lie for four years. MSNBC has never met an anti-Trump hoax.