Mass shooting at Michigan State University East Lansing campus

There are unconfirmed reports that a mass shooting at Michigan State University may involve multiple shooters and that at least six people may be injured.

Video from the scene:

Excerpt from Michigan Radio:

Michigan State University Police and Public Safety reported a shooting on MSU’s East Lansing campus Monday evening.

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Just after 8:30 a.m. the university issued an alert: “Shots fired. … immediately to a safe place. Run, hide, fight.”

“Running means getting away from danger if you can safely do so, hiding means staying safely in place, and fighting means protecting yourself when there is no other option,” the warning continued.

MSU Police posted an alert at 8:40 pm EST: “MSU Alert: Shots fired near Berkey Hall on the East Lansing campus. Secure in place immediately. Police are on the spot. More information to follow.”

Update from MSU Police:

9:35 pm EST: Police say only one gunman appears:

Short, masked, “probably black”

The Michigan Daily reported that two people were killed, “#BREAKING: Michigan State University campus police issued a security alert at 8:31pm Monday after reports of shots fired outside Barkey Hall. According to the MSU Police and Department of Public Safety, police are currently on the scene. At least two deaths have been confirmed.”

“Shooting at MSU in the building next to my wife’s class. He is fine so far. Terrified.”

“My brother was in the basement of the union when the shooting started at MSU.”

Uncertain so far:

“I have 5 dead now”

“Multiple shooters all over Michigan State University. 5 dead”

Governor. Whitmer, “I have been briefed on the shooting at Michigan State University. Michigan State Police, local law enforcement and first responders along with @msupolice are on the ground. Let’s wrap our arms around the Spartan community tonight. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more.”

Tough night for students and families living through previous school shootings:

Alleged video of a shooting scene: