Aaron Rodgers weighs in on efforts to distract from Epstein file release

Aaron Rodgers (center) on The Pat McAfee Show

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show and discussed a variety of topics, including the recent spat down on UFOs as a distraction from the Epstein file release.

“A lot has come to light recently,” Rogers told McAfee. There are a lot of old papers and files and various things about interactions of Navy pilots, especially Navy pilots, I believe, with unidentified flying objects, so it’s not surprising.”

“Of course, there were some sort of Chinese spy balloons that allegedly went up in the air. And there are a few other objects that have been shot down. I believe this has been going on for a long time. Interesting times in everything; There’s a lot more going on in the world.”

Running: Meet Samuel Arms – created by the CIA and FBI and the author of the original “1776 Returns” Fed-surrection document – which he told a friend he told the Proud Boys to send to set them up.

McAfee asks, “What? You say ‘Oh look here.’ What do you say?”

Rogers replies, “Some of it might be, yes.”

“No, it won’t happen,” McAfee said sarcastically.

“Of course not,” Rogers replied in the same tone.

“You heard about Ohio bro? Ohio? East Palestine?” McAfee asks.

“What’s going on in Ohio? They blew up that thing and the fish and everything?” Rogers replied.

McAfee continued, “Yeah. Sounds like you know. Yeah sounds like you know..looks like you read it. I don’t know what the explosion, how it exploded. I guess it was for 20 (minutes) before it derailed. was on fire. Aaron had some wild sh** going on.”

“Did you hear that the Epstein client list is going to be released as well?” Rogers asks.

“There are some files which have some names which may be released very soon. You know, Maxwell is the only person convicted of trafficking, and no one involved in trafficking has ever gone to jail, so there’s nothing to see here.”

Watch below starting at 20:35 (language warning)