Reportedly, the question mount was the first spy balloon tracking from the United States

A new report indicates that the United States has been tracking the first Chinese spy balloon from the moment it took off, casting doubt on the Biden administration’s version of events.

The New York Times, through interviews with American officials, indicated that the US “started tracking the spy balloon as it took off from Hainan Island in southern China in late January.”

CBS News expanded on that report, confirming that the balloon was being tracked from the start, meaning “the US military had been tracking it for about a week before it entered US airspace, longer than the original contact.”

Three senior US officials originally told Politico that the Chinese spy balloon was “first detected in US skies over Alaska” on January 28.

CNN later learned that the Defense Intelligence Agency “quietly sent an internal report” warning about the balloons. a day ago It entered Alaska.

Now we’re learning they’ve known about it for a long time.

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The Chinese spy balloon is being tracked since it came off

The new timeline showing the US tracking the Chinese spy balloon from the moment it took off is incredibly problematic.

The boat was not fired upon until February 4th, after it had sailed across the country and out to sea from the east coast of South Carolina.

You may recall that military officials advised President Joe Biden to shoot down the balloon out of fear that subsequent debris could injure people below on the mainland.

These new reports show that it may have been shot far off the West Coast, long before it made landfall.

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Lawmakers demanded answers as to why it wasn’t shot down sooner

Republicans in Congress are questioning the Biden administration why the first Chinese spy balloon wasn’t acted on sooner.

“[Biden] Said he did the right thing. I say he did a poor job,” asserted Senator John Barrasso (R-WY).

“They shot down the Chinese spy balloon only after public pressure demanded … It is a complete violation of our integrity as a nation,” he added. “And the president’s indifference and inaction shows weakness not just to China, but to the world.”

The latest timeline isn’t going to quell those concerns or questions.

The CBS News report also suggests that U.S. officials became alarmed after the balloon suddenly changed speed.

“What they saw was this balloon going from eastern China to Guam and Hawaii,” said reporter Nancy Cordes. “But then it took a sharp northerly turn. A beeline to Alaska.”

This was probably the ideal time to inform the President and shoot the object.

A balloon, contents unknown, headed straight for the continental US from a country that had just delivered the Covid pandemic to the world, probably should have been seen as a threat.

The movement of the balloon is key. Movement in a “beeline” showed that the Chinese spy craft was not only at the mercy of the atmosphere, but was deliberately flown to specific destinations.

The Daily Mail reports that the device “crossed the United States, Crossing multiple sensitive sites

After an announcement from the Department of Defense that they were tracking the balloon, it “ceased loitering and proceeded as fast as possible toward the East Coast.”

These were deliberate movements. Would the administration simply see a drone or jet take off from China and let it fly over the country? Why wasn’t the balloon shot over Alaskan waters?

The United States shot down multiple objects described as “benign” on the ground after they first claimed such action would be too dangerous.

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