Conspiracy theories abound in light of UFO shoot downs and White House silence

If you’re an avid reader of my columns, you know I have a soft spot for conspiracy theorists. Besides showing a level of personal dedication to their cause that is rare in today’s society, they really had quite a banner year.

Whether you’re a ‘right-wing loon’ talking about the dangers of the ‘deep state’ or a tin foil hat-wearing UFO chaser – you’ve had some incredible wins over the past few years. So you rightfully deserve the rest of us skeptics to collectively say, “I told you so!”

After the Chinese spy balloon, three literal UFOs shot down by our fighter jets over North American territory, many of us, including myself, looked at my wife on the couch and said, “Is this really happening?” Thanks to Baby, it, and the general communications chaos of the Biden administration, theories are running wild on social media.

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Project Blue Ray

I have an average knowledge base of conspiracy theories. Still, this latest trend was a new one for me. The removal of three UFOs has led many to speculate that what we are seeing is the beginning of a theory born in the 90s; Project blue beam.

The alleged secret project, initially publicized by Canadian journalist Serge Monast, claims that the Pentagon, NASA and the United Nations are working to simulate a fake alien invasion in the future that will culminate in a staged ‘second coming’ of Christ… wait for it… light show and Hologram. Honestly, some of the 4th of July laser light shows I saw as a kid would be hard to top.

I mean, how can you set a beam of light to Lee Greenwood’s hit song ‘God Bless the USA’? So what is the goal of this Project Blue Beam?

Naturally, like any excellent conspiracy theory, it has a New World Order flavor, with the ultimate goal of eradicating organized religion, national pride, and the concept of identity and family. For our kneeling under the complacency of our new Pentagon, NASA, and UN overlords.

Monast even breaks down this hypothetical plan into its four planned steps:

  1. The collapse of all archeological knowledge through earthquakes
  2. A giant light show with holograms simulating the second coming of Christ
  3. The telepathic thought control that we all want to believe is the antichrist
  4. A simulated alien invasion starting around 2024

Oh my, that’s some heavy stuff. What really gets you is that Monast mysteriously died just 24 hours after being arrested for involvement in a “network of prohibited information”.

Talk about a killer theory.

Silly UFO theorists

You can’t blame people for developing their own theories on what these UFOs represent. It’s been over a week since we shot down the Chinese spy balloon and five days since the first UFO shot in Alaska.

After the first popped UFO I was glued to my television, anxiously awaiting my presidential address to the nation or at least a press conference. I frantically refreshed my Twitter feed hoping for at least one reassuring tweet from the Commander-in-Chief.

Instead, it has been radio silence; His absence in this regard might make you think he’s been abducted by aliens. But we got some word from his exceptional communications team.

After NORAD commander General Glenn VanHark rocked the world, saying he was unwilling to “deny anything” about alien connections to UFOs, the White House frantically tried to allay those fears. At first, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters, “There is no indication of alien or extraterrestrial activity associated with these recent takedowns — again, none.”

“I loved the movie ET, but I’m leaving it there,” he joked.

Where exactly does it leave?

With no answers, just a lame movie attempt to condescend to simultaneously insult American citizens who are left to speculate in the dark about these UFO origins? What a bang up communication strategy.

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We know nothing and never will

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby doubled down on Miss Jean-Pierre’s statement to reporters, saying, “I don’t think the American people need to worry about aliens in this craft.”

Well, I feel better already.

Meanwhile, General VanHark coolly told reporters, “We call them objects, not balloons, for a reason.” That’s probably because they don’t know what these things are. “We don’t fully appreciate and understand what we’re seeing,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown said in support of his fellow generals.

Will we ever know what these things really are? Suspicious, General VanHark added of the origin of the craft, “I’ll let the intel community and the counter-intelligence community figure it out.” So prepare, my tinfoil hat-wearing friends, for all too predictable explanations that these were merely weather balloons.

Although, it would still be hard to explain that each missile we fire at these things costs $400,000. That’s a hefty price tag for a happy trigger finger to take down something as innocuous as a weather balloon. However, I wouldn’t put it past the US government to waste a lot of money on a non-threat that is easier than focusing on a real threat.

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Less holograms, more money

Is this the start of Project Blue Beam? No, I don’t think the Pentagon, NASA and the UN are organized or capable enough for such an effort.

However, in light of the continued radio silence from the White House, I’ll join in on the speculative fun. Could the last three UFOs originate from us in an attempt to capitalize on the previous F-22 takedown of a Chinese spy balloon?

I must say, as an Air Force veteran, it was amazing to see the F-22 doing so well for the nation. Is it so far-fetched that the military-industrial complex and the Pentagon have had three more UFO engagements to highlight the need to pump more funds into the Defense Department?

It seems nutso until you poke around a bit. For example, Airbus makes Airborne Target Drone Systems as their website explains “offers a full range of target systems providing realistic and cost-effective training for land-based and naval air defense and air-to-air combat, which Includes towed aerial targets, direct aerial targets and surface targets.”

Or perhaps it’s all to distract us from the real news, which includes the mounting of the Hunter Biden drama, the FBI’s weapons probe, talk of building a Western weapons factory in Ukraine, the alleged sabotage of US Nord Stream 2 and, of course, the Epstein client list release. .

Oh, oh, maybe some of the Epstein list was on these drones.

This isn’t the first time Epstein-related items have been mysteriously killed. If I mysteriously disappear or die suddenly, I just had my annual check-up and I’m perfectly fine. But regardless, it’s time for us skeptics to suit up in our tinfoil hats and keep our eyes to the sky because things are getting pretty weird in our world lately.

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