15 facts about dozens of federal operatives who infiltrated Trump’s crowd

Dozens of government workers stormed the U.S. Capitol during a protest on January 6, 2021.

This is a list of government operatives we identified working inside the crowd at the US Capitol on January 6.

Fact 1: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys – and their informant exonerated the Proud Boys of any conspiracy.

In July 2022 TGP contributor Kara Castronueva released whistleblower documents, text messages and audio transcripts of FBI informant James Knowles’ communications with his FBI handlers on January 6. The evidence exonerates Trump’s supporters and proud sons of any conspiracy or plot to storm the US Capitol. , to enter the US Capitol, or to disrupt government proceedings.

The evidence reported by Carr in The Gateway Pundit was explosive.

It didn’t happen as we all know.
Now we have proof!

They all lied and we have proof! The highly sensitive DOJ on January 6. Documents Leaked at Gateway Pundit – FBI Infiltrates Confidential Human Sources Proud Boys, FBI Operation on J-6, Reports They Were Innocent! — View full text and document!!

The FBI had evidence that there was “no conspiracy” or plan by Proud Sons and others to attack and take control of the US Capitol. The FBI ignored this information from their own operatives. They instead ran with lies about a rebellion.

Fact 2: The FBI was recruiting men and women to infiltrate the mob and act as operatives prior to January 6.

Veteran and former Green Beret Jeremy Brown (right) and FBI agents who came to his home on Jan. 6 to hire him as an operative. (left)

On Thursday afternoon, September 30th, at 3:45 PM Eastern, the FBI raided Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested Jeremy. The charge is trespassing. The FBI sent 20 cars to arrest him. DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present. The FBI spent 5 and a half hours at Jeremy’s house looking for evidence.

The FBI searched his home, RV and trailer. They then took Jeremy into custody.

Jeremy’s family contacted The Gateway Scholar the next morning.

** You can support Jeremy Brown’s fundraising efforts here.

Jeremy Brown is a Green Beret and former Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 14th Congressional District. Brown served in the United States Army from 1992 to 2012 and reached the rank of Special Forces Master Sergeant.

Jeremy Brown never entered the US Capitol on January 6. His real crime was refusing to be an FBI informant as we describe below.

Jeremy did not deny acting as an FBI informant on January 6th, when he released photos and audio of his conversations with agents.

As we reported months ago, Jeremy Brown refused to be a dirty FBI informant — they wanted him to be one of their operatives at the Jan. 6 Trump rally.

According to a previous TGP report:

The FBI calls Jeremy’s cell phone and asks for a meeting after trying to contact him at his home. Jeremy then met with FBI agents at a restaurant in Ybor City in December. He told Brandon Gray that the FBI tried to recruit him to spy on Oath Keepers 38 seconds into the interview.

Jeremy refused to become an informant for the FBI so they raided his home and arrested him on false misdemeanor charges months after the January 6 protest.

Jeremy Brown still sits in jail a year later today – an innocent man who committed no crime.

Fact 3: The FBI wiretaps friends and family members, including children, to spy on protesters on January 6.

“I Forgive My Son for Working with the FBI to Convict Me” – Exclusive Interview with Convicted Political Prisoner Guy Refitt January 6th from Gitmo, DC! – Heartbreaking audio to listen to!

Fact 4: Luke Robinson — armed J6 protester with earpiece — dropped from FBI Most Wanted List.

Developer: Luke Robinson, aka #GingerGun, was filmed only protesting with a gun on January 6th, FBI later removed him from their most wanted list – also accused of wearing an earpiece

Fact 5: at least 20 undercover FBI and ATF operatives and 3 undercover police officers were conducting the January 6 operation among the mob.

The FBI finally admitted to The New York Times in September 2021 that they were running informants and operatives inside the group that attended the January 6 rally in Washington, DC.

In fact, the first “protester” inside the US Capitol was an FBI informant.

What a surprise!

There is also evidence that the US Capitol Police were running informants and operatives inside the Trump crowd, including members who entered the US Capitol with protesters.

Now we’re learning that at least 20 assets from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were embedded in the crowd at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Case 6: Ray Epps


Fact 7: The feds are disappearing from the FBI list

Another J-6 intruder? Megan Paradise, Ray Epps Female Clone, Caught on Megaphone Directing Trump Supporters at US Capitol, Breaks into Lawmaker’s Office, Films Room, Not Arrested

Why didn’t the FBI go after some of the violent protesters caught on video?

Caught on video: FBI and DHS try to infiltrate former Green Beret and spy on Oath Keeper, Proud Boys – but he records the conversation!

Event 8: The DOJ finally admits they were running confidential human sources inside the Oath Keeper agency on January 6.

We discovered this less than a week before their fraud trial in Washington, DC where they have already been pled guilty as charged.

Exclusive: Dodge drops a bomb! Acknowledging that the federal government ran informants inside the Oath Keepers on Jan. 6 — springing on J6 attorneys a week before the trial.

Fact 9: The former DEA agent was pressured to go to the US Capitol on January 6 by an informant “friend” who was with him.

Former DEA agent Tucker Carlson told FBI informant “friends” invited him to the Capitol on January 6, pressuring him to go inside. [VIDEO]

We may never know how much secret human resources the government was running on January 6th in the massive crowd.

We know there were dozens of operatives in the crowd.

Fact 10: In November 2022 the FBI admitted they had at least 8 informants running inside the Proud Boys in the months beginning January 6th.

Did the FBI lead the rebellion?

Fact 11: At least 3 FBI operatives or cutouts were speaking on the Oath Keeper “walkie-talkie” app used by Oath Keepers on January 6. They are the only ones who called for violence!

We now know their names from the app: the government has shown little interest in identifying those behind the scenes in these chats—including 1% Watchdog, General Mark Davis CFAAnd iWatchDirectorLaureen.

For some reason they were never questioned and the DOJ did not identify them at trial.

Fact 12: The tactical commander of the US Capitol Police admitted under oath that highly trained protesters tore down the fence before the January 6 demonstration at the US Capitol.

TGP EXCLUSIVE: 12 facts about the dozens of federal operatives who infiltrated the Trump crowd at the US Capitol on January 6

Incident 13: January 6 bodycam footage shows several (6 or 7) undercover cops flashing their badges at other DC cops.

Fact 14: Capitol Hill police officer tells fellow cops that undercover cops have thin wrists. Not sure what color they are.

It was a highly coordinated government operation.

Fact 15: January 6th was a highly coordinated and planned intelligence operation by the US government against the people of the United States.