Wikipedia Slanders Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh, gives the Kremlin a field

Joseph Stalin infamously removed secret policeman Nikolai Yezhov from a 1937 photograph

The mainstream media’s biggest bombshell report of the year, Seymour Hersh’s Nord Stream exposé, instead made a desperate attempt to memory-hole by attacking the Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist. It was a field day for the Kremlin, which delighted in pointing out what a ridiculous propaganda tool the mainstream media had become.

Instead of trying to verify or question Hersh’s meticulously researched report based on an inside source familiar with the alleged CIA attack on the September 26, 2022 Nord Stream pipeline, the fake news attacked the 85-year-old award winner. Former Left hero, who exposed the My Lai massacre, Watergate and Abu Ghraib.

Leading the way in a campaign of character assassination, Reuters labeled Hersh “no stranger to controversy,” as if that’s a bad thing for an investigative journalist. “The White House dismissed Hersh’s report, which relied on a single source to support claims of the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline, as ‘completely false and complete fiction.’ Reuters could not support Hersch’s self-published article”, wrote the WEF and Pfizer-affiliated “Reuters”.

It’s not clear what Reuters did to try to “correct” the story.

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No one at Reuters appears to have spoken to Russian, German, Swedish or Danish investigators about the allegations, for example.

TASS did, and the Swedish prosecutor’s office was told it was “unable to tell you anything about that for reasons of confidentiality.” Copenhagen police also had “no further comment” on the bombshell report, which isn’t exactly a denial.

In a speech to the German parliament on Wednesday, Green “Climate and Economy Minister” Robert Habeck said that any information on the Nord Stream explosion is “classified” and “part of a classified investigation. So it is not a matter for parliamentary question time.” This was far from denying Hersh’s claim.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said there was “nothing unexpected” in Hersch’s report: “We assume the involvement of the United States and at least some of Washington’s NATO allies in this heinous crime, which was an armed attack on a key piece of critical infrastructure.”

In classic Stalinist style, Hersch’s Wikipedia entry was re-linked to identify Hersch as a “conspiracy theorist”.

So-called “journalists” of UK-based fake news spigots Bellingcat Harsh is characterized as “senile, corrupt and an obsessive liar”.

“We get a lot of our money from donors like the Open Society Foundations,” Bellingcat founder Elliott Higgins told the Guardian in 2018.

The MSM couldn’t do more to prove how bogus they are if they tried.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blasted the fake news media for trying to bury the bombing story: “It is extremely important for the media to pay attention to this very serious, and possibly controversial, publication involving Mr. Hersh’s alleged involvement and direct crimes. White House for organizing sabotage and terrorist activities on the Nord Stream pipelines, critical energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, Peskov said, “this article has not been widely circulated in the Western media, and this undoubtedly surprises us.”

“To ignore it would be unfair to say the least, especially for a country like Germany, which lost an essential energy advantage as a result of a terrorist act,” Putin’s press secretary said. “This report should prompt an international investigation. On the contrary, we see attempts to quietly curtail this international investigation,” the Kremlin spokesman noted.

The Kremlin sees “attempts at coercive investigation”.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said Western governments and the media were trying to “sink” the Nord Stream story:

“If we talk about how concerned the EU countries are [over ecology issues]Then the Nord Stream situation comes to mind – [the pipeline] Which exploded, you know, completely under the silent capability and vulnerability of European countries. The investigation proceeds in a way that aims to literally and figuratively submerge the tracks,” said Grushko.

Tucker Carlson was the only mainstream media source to take Hersh’s allegations seriously: