Jim Jordan introduced a little something to the AOC called the First Amendment

Rep. Jim Jordan fired back at his Democrat colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), after she accused House Republicans of “weaponizing” the Oversight Committee against their political opponents.

That’s a surprising accusation coming from Ocasio-Cortez, especially considering how we’ve seen the FBI, DOJ, and the entire federal government use weapons against former President Trump and his supporters for more than seven years.

But the AOC is no stranger to making ‘amazing’ statements that defy reality.

Earlier this week, at a Congressional Oversight Committee hearing on censorship by Twitter during the 2020 election, AOC Hunter Biden falsely described the laptop scandal as “half fake.”

The congresswoman hinted that the story was a hoax — which is itself a hoax — and lamented that political operatives “want the power to do it again.”

“They want the ability to inject it again. So they have dragged a social media platform here to Congress. They are weaponizing the use of this committee, so that they can do it again,” he said.

“The whole hearing about the 24-hour hiccups in a right-wing political operation. That is why we are here now.”

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Republicans are arming the Oversight Committee after Jim Jordan demanded an AOC

Of course, very little of what the AOC says is accurate, but Jim Jordan recently appeared on Fox News and had the opportunity to address his claim to ‘weaponize’ the committee.

Jordan cited a little-known – in Democrat circles anyway – amendment to the Constitution.

“We’re focusing on the First Amendment, the right to free speech, you know, the right to speak in a way that you can communicate on a platform that has now become the public square,” he explained in basic terms.

Jordan addresses the fact that the FBI has been flagging certain accounts and asking Twitter to suppress their reach or block them outright, a fact that was revealed through the release of several ‘Twitter files’.

“It’s got people talking. Why is the FBI doing this?” Jordan asked. “That, to me, is the fundamental question. And it’s really, I think, censorship by surrogate, an attack on the First Amendment and our right to speak.”

“If you can’t speak, you can’t share your beliefs, you can’t petition your government, you don’t have freedom of the press,” he continued. “This is our most fundamental right. And that’s exactly what the FBI was trying to limit.”

In other words, the Oversight Committee is not being ‘armed’, they are trying to find out why the FBI and Twitter were armed.

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AOC lied

While Jim Jordan (R-OH) aptly explained why the AOC’s claim to ‘weaponize’ the Oversight Committee was baseless, another person on that Fox News panel, New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, forcefully pushed back against his other claims.

For example, the idea that Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story was little more than a “24-hour hiccup” is completely wrong.

Devine wrote that, in fact, Twitter falsely labeled the story as derived from “hacked material” and “censored scoops of the post and locked our accounts for over two weeks.”

24 hours versus two weeks or 336 hours. To be fair, this is probably more than the AOC can count, and thus its hesitation in describing the scandal as a “hiccup”.

In reality, the only thing ‘half fake’ about the story is the AOC’s complaint. The intelligence community, the Biden campaign, Big Tech and the mainstream media – and attempts to label it ‘Russian collusion’ were completely bogus.

They tried to tell you that what you see with your own eyes, from Hunter’s hard drive, videos and emails, is not real.

Devine blasted Democrats at the hearing for providing a “blitzkrieg of lies.”

“Unfortunately for the liars,” he writes, “the rest of the media finally admitted that the laptop was not a ‘Russian plant’ and that The Post’s stories about it were true and accurate.”

They don’t want you to know it yet. Censoring information, after all, helped them win the 2020 presidential election. They hope they can steal another in 2024 by dismissing attacks on the First Amendment as no big deal.

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