Wayne Root: Here’s your proof of rigging the 2020 presidential election.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Of course the 2020 election is stolen. Just look around. The proof is before your eyes.

I’m not talking about the millions of mail-in ballots with voter IDs, no security measures, and no signature matches. Nor am I talking about ballot collection or ballot drop boxes—both literally criminal enterprises that would make the Gambino crime family blush.

I’m not talking about the ballots of thousands of people in vans in the middle of the night. Or Republican witnesses were removed from the room while the votes were being counted. Or the votes are counted for days after election night… until a Democrat is declared the winner. Funny how only the Democrats win days after the fake ballots are counted.

I’m not even talking about Elon Musk’s publicly released emails that prove the FBI and other national security agencies paid Twitter to silence conservative voices and alter news feeds. Our government rigged the election. It is now a fact.

The 2020 elections were rigged and fixed. We all know it. And Curry Lake’s stolen election in 2022 was even worse. Curry Lake’s Arizona election theft makes Bernie Madoff look like a small-time shopkeeper

But I’m not talking about that.

To me the proof is that the 2020 election has stolen the state of the nation. Open your eyes. The consequences of a stolen election are all around us.

Supply chain disruption. Highways, ports and infrastructure are collapsing. Blue states are banning trucks from the road. Grocery prices have skyrocketed. Egg farms are burning to ashes. Eggs are $10 a dozen—if you can find them. Over 100 food plants have been burnt to the ground in the past year.

The train is derailed. The East Palestine, Ohio train derailment may be the worst environmental disaster in US history. Experts call it “our Chernobyl”. Mushroom clouds of deadly chemicals float across the farm belt. Animals are dying. The fish is dead. people are sick And it just poisoned several thousand acres of prime Midwest farmland.

The exact same thing that is happening in food and agricultural land is happening in energy. Under Trump we had energy independence and cheap, abundant energy. Under Biden we have rising gas and electricity prices, energy shortages, depletion of our national fuel reserves. In the midst of this our government is desperate to ban gas stoves.

Our borders are wide open, millions of illegal aliens are entering. All of them will be cradled in grave welfare. Many of them are criminals. How many terrorists? And drugs come through that border. Fentanyl alone kills 100,000 Americans each year. It sure looks like someone wants to kill Americans.

Biden’s Covid vaccine mandates are causing “sudden deaths” and cardiac arrests by the thousands every day. Read the title. The death rate is the highest in history. More children and young athletes are dying suddenly in our lifetime than ever before. Yet blue states are now mandating the covid vaccine for your kids to go to school. And our federal government is creating a list of the unvaccinated. This will not end well.

Chinese balloons are sent to scare us. Russian warplanes are buzzing our borders. Russia is threatening nuclear war. China is ready to invade Taiwan. $85 billion worth of military equipment remained in Afghanistan. The rest were sent to Ukraine. Our military is in disarray, short of equipment, struggling with poor morale, unable to attract recruits.

Biden has built the economy on equity, social justice, diversity, LGBTQ and climate change. The result? Hyperinflation is destroying the middle class. The national debt is exploding. So is the homeless population. So is violent crime and retail theft. Cities run by Democrats look like war zones filled with zombies.

Black national anthem opens our Super Bowl, divides our nation. Meanwhile, more than 50 schools in the Chicago area do not have a single black child capable of grade-level math. Madness reigns.

Conservative voices are suspended, banned, silenced or fired for our political beliefs. Freedom of speech is being eradicated.

The FBI and DOJ are persecuting PTA parents, conservatives, and Christians, while the DA’s release has emboldened violent criminals. Conservative TV stations like Newsmax and OAN have been pulled from our airwaves.

And whether it’s government, media, Hollywood, or schools—our entire society is now about LGBTQ and transgender ideologies. It is brainwashing and propaganda 24/7.

Our President of the United States is clearly compromised, corrupt and owned by China. A Democrat US senator checked into the hospital for depression. And the Energy Department’s former director of nuclear waste is a man, dressed as a woman, now accused of stealing women’s luggage.

Our country is a terrible mess. His former self is a shell, in free fall. People in charge can play “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

This is the purposeful destruction of America and the great American middle class – in just two years an illegitimate, corrupt, brain-dead president was installed in power.

The degrading state of our nation is all evidence of a stolen election. The evil around us is proof of that. In just two years, a stolen election has opened the gates of hell. This was all planned…

And it is being carried out to perfection.

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