SCOTUS will review hearings impeaching Biden, Harris, Pence and others

100 Percent Fed Up – The Supreme Court is reconsidering whether to hear a lawsuit filed by Roland J. Brunson accusing President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, former Vice President Mike Pence, 291 House members and 94 senators of violating their oaths of office. Refusal to investigate evidence of fraud in 2020 election.

Brunson initially filed his lawsuit in Utah 2nd District Court on June 21, 2021, seeking to prove that, by voting against the proposed 2020 voter fraud investigation, the defendants “violated their sworn oaths to support and defend the Constitution. The United States of America against all enemies.” Against, foreign and domestic…”

After going to the Supreme Court, SCOTUS denied Brunson’s appeal. On January 23, Brunson filed a petition for reconsideration.

In the petition, Brunson, who is representing himself in the case, argued that the lawmakers involved should face penalties for violating their oath of office or are not obligated.

“Oath of office requires that those waging war not be aided and abetted by rigged elections,” Brunson wrote, arguing that “rigged presidential elections are a threat to the Constitution.”

“[W]”Hen members of Congress become aware of such allegations, these allegations require an investigation, or they become violators of their oath of office,” added Brunson.

Brunson also raised a question to the Supreme Court, asking, “Does this Court not have the authority to adjudicate these serious claims and immediately end the conflict and fix national security violations?”

On February 1, the Supreme Court set a retrial date for Branson’s hearing for February 17.