Viktor Orbán blasts blowhard Zelensky in Brussels

Viktor Orbán refused to applaud for Zelensky in Brussels; Photo: Express

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blasted Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky as he visited EU headquarters in Brussels to beg for more money, weapons and fighter jets. Orban said Hungary would not get involved in the Ukraine war “in the interest of the country and its people”.

As EU leaders posed for a photo op in the EU Parliament building, Viktor Orban conspicuously failed to applaud as Zelenskiy took his place in front of him.

Orban, who was re-elected in a landslide last April despite illegal US and EU funding for the opposition, is often called a dictator by the Western fake news media. Zelensky, who has banned all opposition parties and media in Ukraine, burned Russian-language books and even outlawed the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has been hailed as a hero of “democracy” by the same sycophantic media.

Zelensky demanded NATO provide long-range weapons and warplanes to attack Russia and also promised to bring his corrupt mafia state into the EU. Zelensky said, Ukraine is going to become a member of the European Union. According to Transparency International, Ukraine is the second most corrupt country in Europe after Russia. Zelensky was revealed by the Soros-leaked Pandora Papers to maintain a network of offshore bank accounts and alleged that Oligarch received $41 million in funds from Ihor Kolomoisky’s private bank.

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“Mr Zelensky’s chief of presidential staff, Andriy Yarmak, mysteriously said the question of long-range weapons and fighter jets had been resolved”, the BBC reported. “Mr. Zelensky said that only some agreements have been made that are positive but not yet public.

Zelenksy ended his speech to the EU Parliament with “Slava Ukrainian!”, the Nazi equivalent of “Heil Hitler”, a salute to the fascist organization of Ukrainian nationalists founded by Stepan Bandera in the 1930s. The audience applauded.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio, Prime Minister Orbán said that Hungary “has a clear position on the issue (of Ukraine) and has chosen to remain neutral for the sake of peace. In contrast, according to the Prime Minister, if left-wing parties were in power in Hungary today, we would already be at war”, according to Hungarian news. has been

Orbán acknowledged that “there is pressure from the West for Hungary to get involved in the conflict but stressed that the Hungarian government will maintain its position in the interest of the country and its people.” He also said that “whether a country is at war with another country is not a matter of declaration, but of actions such as sending arms and financing belligerents.”

He stressed that the Hungarian government would not take steps that would put the country and its people in harm’s way. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, with Germany and the US sending heavy armor and potentially warplanes into the country, “it is crucial for countries to carefully consider their position and the possible consequences of involvement”, Orban said.