Trump trashes Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance: ‘Epic fail!’

While many viewers expressed mixed reviews of singer Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance, there was one very vocal and public critic – Donald Trump.

Trump took to his Truth social media platform to blast the performance as an “epic fail” and even mock Rihanna’s stylist.

“Rihanna gave, without question, the single worst halftime show in Super Bowl history — this after insulting more than half of our nation, which is already in serious decline, with her vile and insulting language,” wrote the former president.

“Also, so much for her ‘stylist!'” he joked.

Rihanna looked elegant in red for the performance while her backup singers ensemble was all white. In the promo clips, however, he appeared to have skinned the Grinch in his pelt and styled his hair to mimic a tree straight out of Whoville.

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Trump slams Rihanna after Super Bowl performance

Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show featured risque lyrics and a song titled “Beach Better Have My Money,” as well as dance choreography in which the pop star grabbed her crotch and then, well … it’s hard to describe.

Remember when the NFL was outraged over Janet Jackson’s costume malfunction?

Perhaps Trump was ready to criticize Rihanna’s performance, no matter what he did with the crowd. Before the Super Bowl, he had already criticized her.

“She would be nothing without her ‘stylist,'” he wrote. “Everything is bad, and there is no talent!”

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Rihanna is also not a big fan of Trump

Trump responded to a social media post by Rep. Ronny Jackson, Republican of Texas, earlier in the week.

“Rihanna spray painted ‘F*** Donald Trump’ on a car at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo,” Jackson said. “She’s made a career of spreading degenerate filth and giving America crap every time.”

Jackson insisted he should never have been selected for the halftime show.

“Why is the NFL showing this crap?” he asked. “Rihanna shouldn’t be a halftime performer!”

Suffice it to say, the performer isn’t a big fan of Trump either.

After President Biden’s inauguration, Rihanna posted a photo of herself taking out the trash and added the hashtag ‘#wediditJoe’.

Rihanna threatened Trump with a cease and desist after a reporter pointed out that one of her songs was playing at a rally in 2018.

As for Trump, he has a long history of criticizing the NFL for wake-up politics – playing the so-called Black National Anthem before big games and their ‘ultimate racism’ themes are ridiculously overstated – and allowing players to kneel. real national anthem

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl and many players threatened not to attend a traditional visit to the White House by Trump’s office. So he separated them.

The Eagles returned to the Super Bowl for the first time since that controversy and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 on Sunday.

A Yahoo News poll indicated that most viewers shared Trump’s sentiment on Rihanna’s halftime show, with 52% rating it as “not great” while only 25% said it was “amazing.”

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