AOC says Jesus Super Bowl ad “makes fascism look benign”

The Christian organization “He Gets Us” spent up to $20 million on two Super Bowl ads showing Jesus as sympathetic to all people regardless of where they stand politically.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, however, was not a fan of the Jesus ad that aired during Super Bowl 57.

Shortly after the Super Bowl ad aired, the AOC tweeted: “Something tells me Jesus wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign”.


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AOC would go on to like a tweet claiming the company behind the ad was “funding the right’s efforts to ban abortion and allow businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ+.”

The ad, which AOC claims is fascist, features dozens of black-and-white images of people conflicted about lockdowns, politics and more.

At the end of the ad it shows the words “Jesus loved those we hated”.

He paid us for advertising space to get more visitors for their website which included Bible devotions, teachings about Jesus and a chat line.

In case you missed it, watch the ad here:

Some conservative voices do not think the commercial was fascist but believe it fits liberal ideology.

Here was Charlie Kirk’s take: