Time Magazine Celebrates Two Black Quarterbacks to Start in Super Bowl

The left wing media just won’t stop.

America has fought for equal rights for centuries. The Civil War was ultimately a fight against slavery. Southern Democrats wanted to keep their slaves and fought to do so. The GOP and their first president, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.

On this day in US history – Republicans freed the slaves

Democrats did not appreciate their slaves becoming free and threatened and killed blacks in the South for decades.

This Day in History: Democrats Kill 4 Former Slaves & 5 Republicans at Clinton, MS Picnic – Then Go On to Kill 50-100 More Blacks Next Week

The work of the past was to unite this country. All races, castes and religions should be free in this country. But some people still want to dictate race in everything.

These are the same people who push BLM and ignore the massive destruction and death behind this movement. They want to segregate Americans along racial lines. They denigrate the white race and force critical race theory into schools by encouraging white students to apologize for being this race.

It’s racism.

Today Time magazine points out that two starting QBs in the Super Bowl are black. Twenty years ago no one would have said that because we were Americans of all races but not today. Today will point this out.

TIME shares the following:

WWhen Doug Williams—the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl—watched the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC Championship game two weeks ago, he became emotional. “There were no tears in my eyes,” Williams told TIME. “But they were in my eyes.” Williams, who led Washington to a 42-10 Super Bowl victory over Denver in 1988, knew that for the first time in NFL history, two black quarterbacks would start in the title game. Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar and the third black quarterback in Super Bowl history after Williams and Russell Wilson in 2014, will return for his third Super Bowl appearance in four years (his Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in 2020). Before that championship, on Sunday, January 29, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts—who was in his third year in the NFL—scored San Francisco to secure the Eagles their first Super Bowl trip.

Williams, now a senior adviser to the president of the Washington Commanders, was Super Bowl XXII MVP: He finished with 340 passing yards and four touchdown passes. The appearance of two black starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl for the first time reminded him of past injustices faced by black quarterbacks and gave him hope for a more just future. “We’ve been denied for years,” said Williams from Phoenix, who is in town for Sunday’s big game at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. thing, and it’s opportunity.”

That opportunity to set up behind center, to become the face of a franchise and perhaps the entire NFL, once eluded black players. Coaches at all levels slot black quarterback prospects into other positions, such as wide receiver or defensive back. “I think about all the rich history of this game and to be a part of such a historic event, historic moment, it’s special,” Hurts said Monday. Mahomes also used the word “historic”. “A lot of guys laid the groundwork for us,” he said, “and to be able to play with a guy like Jalen, who I know is doing it right, it’s going to be a special moment that I hope will live on forever.”

Maybe Americans are tired of being shamed for the actions of corrupt racist Democrats living in the past. Maybe we just want to watch football and admire the athleticism of all athletes.