The revival is still happening: thousands are waiting in line to get inside Asbury University

Last week The Gateway Pundit reported that a revival had begun at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

The revival began on February 8th when a group of students did not skip their usual Wednesday chapel service but stayed after the service and spent time in repentance and praising God.

Now 11 days later, the chapel service is still going with no signs of slowing down.

The revival attracted thousands of people from all over the world and the auditorium where the revival services were being held was completely filled with thousands of people waiting in line for hours to attend the services.


God’s presence has even led some people to repent on their knees and praise God as they wait in line.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson was taking his crew to Wilmore, Kentucky to report on the events there, but Asbury faculty told the Fox News host that although they liked his show, they said it was best if he didn’t bring TV cameras because the revival happening was purely spiritual. And not political.

Carlson was not upset by Asbury University’s decision but said he “deeply respects” the decision.

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