The former MSNBC host says he’s in trouble with the network for criticizing Hillary

Former MSNBC host Crystal Ball recently appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and produced some revealing material about the inner workings of the far left network.

According to Ball, he criticized Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election and was eventually called into his boss’s office where he was told that all future comments about Hillary had to be approved by the network president.

This is the same network that accused Fox News of being a ‘state-run media’ when Trump was president.

ABC News 4 on SC reports:

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The former MSNBC host claims she got in trouble for criticizing Hillary Clinton

Former MSNBC host Crystal Ball claims she was slapped on the wrist for criticizing Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election, and told she had to get approval from the network’s president if she wanted to continue criticizing Clinton.

Ball’s comments came during an episode of Joe Rogan’s popular “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, where Ball is a regular guest.

“Shortly before I was fired, I did a monologue when Hillary Clinton was getting ready to run for president,” Ball said on a recent episode of the podcast. “It was back in 2014, so it was early and I did this whole thing that was, ‘She’s sold out on Wall Street. People are going to hate this woman. She’s like a terrible candidate right now. Please don’t run.’ And I was allowed to say it, I delivered my thing, I did it exactly the way I wanted to do it. Later, I pulled into an office and, you know, ‘Great monologue, everything’s fine. But next time you’re Hillary Clinton. Any comments about it must be approved by the president of the network.’

Ball added that the incident didn’t stop him from continuing to comment on Clinton, but it did affect the way he did it.

Here is the video:

You should know this still happens in liberal news outlets. It must be better to be a Democrat. The majority of the media defends you no matter what.