The FBI searched the University of Delaware for classified Biden documents

FBI agents searched the University of Delaware at least twice to investigate Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents.

The FBI has searched the University of Delaware in recent weeks with the “consent” of Joe Biden’s lawyers, according to CNN.

FBI agents seized materials from two university locations, the outlet reported.

CNN reported:

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The FBI has opened two searches at the University of Delaware in connection with its investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

The previously undisclosed searches were conducted in recent weeks, with the consent and cooperation of the president’s legal team, the source said.

The library at the University of Delaware, Biden’s alma mater, is home to an extensive collection of papers from the president’s time in the Senate, according to his website.

Investigators recovered materials from two university locations on two different days. The materials did not appear to have classified markings, according to the source, but they are now being reviewed by the FBI.

During the search they examined two separate batches of documents: an archive of materials from Biden’s time in the U.S. Senate and documents sent to the University by Biden in recent years.

FBI agents searched Joe Biden’s Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes looking for classified documents.

The feds also searched the Penn Biden Center in DC.

Biden spokesman Ian Sams declined to respond earlier this month when the FBI searched another location for classified documents.

He did not come clean about the FBI investigation into the University of Delaware.