The Department of Home Affairs is now providing ‘EcoGriff’ training for staff

The United States Department of the Interior is now offering ‘EcoGriff’ training to workers who feel hurt or damaged by climate change and the environment.

It falls under the government’s ‘Beyond Parody’ category.

We’ve had a massive and very real environmental disaster in Ohio, and the Department of Interior sounds like climate change therapy for staff.

Newsbuster reports:

Under the weather: Interior department offering ‘Eco-Grift Training’ to employees

It’s tough for an employee of the federal Fish and Wildlife Service. It’s not just long days of bullying property owners, collecting gray wolf sperm samples and dealing with smart asses seeking licenses for their pet fish Eric. It’s the shriveled “ecogriff” that swallows you.

But the government feels your pain, and it’s here to help. “The Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service is offering “EcoGriff” training to employees who are struggling with trauma or loss from witnessing a changing environment,” reports Stephen Dinan. The Washington Times.

Ecogrief, AKA “eco-anxiety”, is common on liberal arts campuses, in big city newsrooms and wherever people use the word “barista” without irony. “The American Psychological Association says it can manifest as feelings of being overwhelmed by the enormity of changes in the environment, or even feelings of ‘anticipated loss’—especially grief over what one believes is inevitable with climate change,” Dinan explains, and notes That (truly) says “Eco-anxiety is not a recognized medical condition. But general anxiety is, and eco-anxiety has many of the same characteristics.”

And since taxpayer dollars share many of the same characteristics as real dollars, fish and wildlife are costing some of the environment—suffering.

It is surprising that this is real.

The left is turning the country into one giant, liberal college campus.