South Park sparks Harry and Meghan’s attention with hilarious inspiration (VIDEO)

Every once in a while, the boys of South Park get something right. In this case, they knocked it out of the park, no pun intended.

In a new episode, they take on Harry and Meghan, and their ridiculous insistence that they just want to be alone as normal people, even as they write books and make countless media appearances.

RedState has the details:

In their latest episode, which aired on Wednesday night, the show tackled Harry and Meghan, the most annoying and over-hyped couple of modern times. The couple have effectively made a living out of influencing those who vilify the UK royal family, selling books that allege their abuse at the hands of an age-old institution. All this while they live in absolute luxury and privilege.

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While some are glued to the drama, everyone else is pretty sick of the couple. Both proved to be utter hypocrites and big spoiled brats. Markle, seen as the toxic ringleader of a two-man circus, has tried to become a feminist icon by denouncing people and showing that she used to work, only to have those claims blow up in her face and embarrass her.

Naturally, as the mainstream world turns the couple into an unworthy sacred cow, so does South Park Grill.

The episode is titled “Worldwide Secret Tour” and covers Canada’s royal couple. The two characters are definitely Harry and Meghan, despite the location change.

Watch the video. This is funny stuff!

Totally appropriate.

It’s satisfying to see Harry and Meghan mocked like this because it’s true.