So many strange things are happening, is it time to stock up on ’emergency’?

Chinese spy balloon.

Airspace closed over northern Michigan.

A huge chemical cloud over Ohio.

And in recent months, 96 food processing plants have been damaged or destroyed.

See Panna Robinson’s explanation:

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When the situation worsens, how long will grocery stores have food stocks?

Some people don’t wait to find out.

They are preparing for anything that might happen – especially food shortages – by stocking up on chronic ’emergency food’ from (this link and links below benefit Gateway Pundit).

With a stockpile of ’emergency foods’, you’ll be prepared when everyone else panics and rushes to the grocery store.

People are saying about MyPatriotSupply:

“The product is sealed in a very durable container and now stands up to me. No regrets. Absolutely recommend!! “…

“The best calories per dollar deal – 300 calories per dollar is amazing.”

“The fight for self-reliance is a hand that most of the world has lost. With this company and its outstanding quality, we can all sleep easy knowing that we are not 9 meals from anarchy.”

If you can afford it, buying prepared foods now creates protection for whatever happens next.

Millions of American families already buy their emergency food from — making it the nation’s largest preparedness company.

Their meal kits are packed with 2,000-plus calories a day and last a long time — some up to 30 years.

When you order long-lasting food buckets, you can stash them in a closet or back pantry — and worry less about what your family will need if things get worse.

In the worst case, you have enough food.

To view the latest specials on, click here.

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