Slash from Guns N’ Roses said the band would have been ‘cancelled’ by Modern

Slash from the iconic band Guns N’ Roses talks about how his band would have been canceled if the internet was what it is today in their prime.

Yahoo! Entertainment, the legendary guitarist, whose real name was Saul Hudson, discussed how Guns N’ Roses would not have done well in this type of social setting.

“I didn’t actually… think about it in that context,” Slash said. “Honestly, I didn’t really think about them [scandalous stuff] That’s a lot recently. But now that you mention it, that’s most of all [Guns N’ Roses] In this day and age we would have been undone.”

Rockstar continued, “We wouldn’t have performed well in this environment, for sure… on a lot of different levels. But I mean, a lot of things in the back you don’t think are acceptable right now. … I’m glad we didn’t have the internet back then! It would have been a completely different world. But anyway, I don’t dwell on all those things. It is what it is.”

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During the band’s heyday, they lived by the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” mantra of the time.

In the 90s, GNR frontman Axl Rose caused several riots while on tour, in addition to being arrested. Slash was pronounced ‘dead’ for eight minutes as a result of his own drug use. Fox News noted in their report.

The report continued, “Nevertheless, the band was not entirely untouched by the pressures of contemporary discard culture. In recent years, the band decided to remove one of its early songs from a modern album reissue because it contained racist and homophobic language.”

“The track ‘One in a Million’ was cut from the band’s 2018 re-release of their debut album for its controversial lyrics, including ‘Immigrants and f******, they don’t mean anything to me.'”