Red-piled Bill Maher compared the Walk American Left to Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Bill Maher is a liberal, but he always gets something right.

On his HBO show this weekend, he compared today’s woke left to Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China, which punished people for wrong thinking, publicly shamed people and forced people to re-educate.

This comparison makes a lot of sense when you look at how radical higher education has become in America.

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China was very much on Bill Maher’s mind on this week’s edition of HBO’s Real Time. His first mention comes during the opening monologue, when he talks about people being “terrified” of Chinese spy balloons over Montana…

But Maher got serious in his New Rules editorial, noting how the Awakened were trying to reinvent human nature. He spoke of China’s Red Guard movement, where people would attack those accused of not toeing the ideological line, make them wear dance caps and publicly shame them.

Such tactics, Maher said, were an attempt to change things out loud, then a problem — and now, again, more and more a fact of life here in the United States.

To illustrate this, Maher cites the story of Jason Kilbourne, a University of Illinois Chicago School of Law professor accused of engaging in behavior that made some students of color feel uncomfortable. In one experiment, he pointed out two racial slurs to a hypothetical question about a black female worker suing an employer. Complaints ensue, and he is banned from campus and required to undergo sensitivity training and write five self-reflective essays.

It was the modern version of what the Red Guards were doing. “If you don’t see the similarities between (Kilborn) and that, the person who needs re-education is you,” Maher said.

Watch the video below:

Maher is so close that the left is authoritarian.

He’s still a Trump-hating liberal, but he deserves credit when he gets something right.