Nikki Haley Slaps ‘Sexist Middle-Aged CNN Anchor’ After Saying Don Lemon

Nikki Haley slammed CNN’s Don Lemon as a sexist, middle-aged anchor after the host claimed women in their 40s and 50s are past their prime.

Lemon, who apparently now considers himself an authority on women, made the comments during a broadcast on Thursday CNN this morning.

He responded to Haley’s call for a “mental competency test” for politicians over 75.

“This whole discussion about age makes me uncomfortable. I think that’s the wrong road to go down,” Lemon explained. “He said people, you know, politicians are something if they’re not in their prime.”

Then he drops this pearl of wisdom: “Nikki Haley is not in her prime, sorry. A woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe even 40s.”

Co-host Poppy Harlow pressed Lemon on whether her definition applied to a woman’s age being “prime for childbearing” or “prime for being president.”

Lemon argued that his definition of prime years was a “fact” because he looked it up on Google. And right there, CNN believes the man is the most qualified male co-host for their morning program.

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Critics turned to the CNN host

CNN colleagues report that Don Lemon has been fired for his idiotic comments about Nikki Haley.

“People are definitely upset about it,” one insider told Fox News Digital, while another described it as “stupid to say the least.”

The New York Post reported that Harlow actually left the set after the exchange, describing it as “a ‘well-timed’ bathroom break”.

Other women clearly still in their prime, if not just beginning their prime, noticed Lemon.

Writer Janice Dean suggested Haley use the clip of Lemon’s sexist comments as a campaign ad, quipping, “And [CNN] Wonder why they’re hemorrhaging the audience.”

Podcast host Megyn Kelly accused Lemon of engaging in “a pattern” of making “sexist” comments to her female colleagues.

“I don’t know how much longer CNN can let this go on,” he said.

“I’m very disturbed by this guy, and, honestly, his behavior — and I don’t use that word about a lot of people — but there’s a pattern with him,” Kelly claimed. “The absurdity of suggesting that a woman, like Nikki Haley, is past her prime at 51.”

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Don Lemon apologizes, but doesn’t mention Nikki Haley

Whatever you think of politician Nikki Haley, she’s certainly not past her prime. Nor any woman his age or older.

Lemon apologized for not apologizing after criticism of his comments. It’s as cowardly as you’d expect it to be.

The CNN host described his comments as “absurd and irrelevant,” which should be the entire network’s tagline at this point.

“A woman’s age does not define her personally or professionally,” Lemon said. “There are countless women in my life who prove that every day.”

Lemon, however, didn’t mention Haley — his leading lady he insulted — by name, nor did he tag her in the apology tweet.

But that didn’t stop the Republican presidential candidate from absolutely smoking hot in his response.

“To be clear, I’m not calling for competency tests for sexist middle-aged CNN anchors,” he countered, “only for our lawmakers and those 75+.”

oops Lemon has just been beaten by a woman in her prime. Who had that on their bingo card?