Nikki Haley embarrassingly leads the way behind Trump in South Carolina

It seemed almost common sense to assume that new presidential candidate Nikki Haley would be popular among Republicans in the state she governed, but voters in South Carolina have made it very clear that Donald Trump appears to be the candidate they want to take back Whites. Home in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump holds a huge lead over Haley, 35%-16%, according to a new poll of primary voters in South Carolina. To add insult to injury, he’s not even in second place, a spot that belongs to Florida governor and increasingly anticipated GOP candidate Ron DeSantis, currently sitting at 22%.

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Home game advantage is gone

According to pollster Rich Shaftan, Haley faces a “serious” challenge as she competes for her party’s nomination.

“70% of South Carolina Republicans do not mention Haley as a first, second or third place choice despite her 100% name ID,” said Shaftan.

The survey, which consisted of 300 regular GOP primary voters, shows that while Haley is not disliked, she is not as well-liked as Trump or DeSantis, who have regularly followed the Biden administration and made headlines for themselves by championing conservative causes.

According to Shaftan, “South Carolina voters like Haley personally, but other than crediting him for a good economy and hurricane/flood relief, few can point to any real accomplishments as a (former) governor. That shallow perception explains why Haley is his Losing his state to an outsider governor and a former president he once served.”

In the poll, Shaftan asked voters what they liked/disliked most about the GOP candidates. As for Haley, she gets high marks for “good job 26%, people oriented 7%, honest 6%”, but the negatives include “inexperienced/not prepared 14%, weak 12%, project quit 10%” and rather ironically, “Trump backstabs 6%”

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Who will follow?

While many names have been thrown in the hat for other potential Republican candidates to jump into the 2024 election — including but not limited to former Secretary Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, current Senators Ted Cruz and Tim Scott, as well as Governor Ron. DeSantis—The only other conservative openly discussing his intentions to declare a run is entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Conservative businessman and author of books such as “Woke Inc”. And “Nation of Victims,” ​​recently made a visit to Iowa to meet with potential donors In a recent appearance on Fox Business, he made his intentions clear that he will decide whether or not to announce his candidacy very soon.

“My generation is hungry for purpose and meaning,” Ramaswamy said in a tweet that included a clip from his recent news appearance. “We gave up the things we used to do: faith, patriotism, hard work, family. We now instead embrace secular religions from covidism to climate to gender ideology. Time to fix it.”

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