Matt Getz has been given a seat on the new House Committee on Government Armaments

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has been given a seat on the new House Committee on Government Armaments.

Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio chairs the committee, which will look into the misuse of government for political purposes, something that Democrats have repeatedly engaged in in recent years.

Democrats criticized the creation of the committee for obvious reasons.

NBC News reports:

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Representative Matt Gaetz is quietly appointed to the government’s ‘weaponization’ investigation committee

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy quietly appointed Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., who led the failed push to derail McCarthy’s bid for speaker, to the select committee investigating the so-called weaponization of the federal government.

There was no announcement of Gaetz’s appointment by McCarthy, R-Calif., or Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who chairs both the Judiciary Committee and the Armaments Subcommittee.

Instead, McCarthy’s appointments to the special committee, including Gaetz’s, fell into the congressional record a week ago and were only noticed by reporters on Tuesday.

Getz, who is under FBI investigation for alleged sex trafficking of minors, was not part of McCarthy’s original slate of names for the panel two weeks ago.

According to a list of select panels on his website, Gaetz replaces Texas Rep. Chip Roy, a GOP holdout who helped broker a deal with McCarthy in the speaker’s wall fight last month.

A member of the armaments panel said the ruling asked for the change because he has three demanding committees — the Judiciary, Budget and Rules — and a young family at home. Panel members were told that the special committee would sometimes meet late on the day of the fly-out and would need more time in Washington.

Note how NBC News describes the committee in this tweet. The “so-called” weaponization of the government.

Gaetz will be an excellent addition to this committee.