A record number of Americans say they are worse off financially under Biden –

While President Joe Biden touted his ‘blue-collar blueprint’ to improve the lives of Americans during his State of the Union speech, a new poll shows a record number of Americans believe they are financially worse off under this administration.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that four in ten Americans think their financial situation has worsened since Biden took office more than two years ago.

That’s the worst number in the poll’s 37-year history, which began when Ronald Reagan was still president. Reagan famously posed the question of what is the basis of the vote: “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

“Even with inflation still high, 41% say they are not as financially well off as they were when Biden took office,” the polling group said in a statement.

Only 16% believe they are better off under this president.

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Americans are suffering financially under Biden

If you were hoping for an ‘I feel your pain’ moment from President Biden during the State of the Union speech, an attempt to reach out to those who feel financially disadvantaged, you’re in for a long time.

Instead, Biden talked about how he has reduced inflation, lowered gas prices and has a “blue-collar blueprint” for the economy.

“We are building an economy where no one is left behind,” he said. “Jobs are coming back, pride is coming back, because of the choices we’ve made in the last two years. It’s a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding America and making a real difference in your life.”

Get it, simps? The economy is roaring and you are not smart enough to appreciate the job this president is doing.

Now, on the contrary, if you was You don’t have to wait long to expect lies about the economy and your finances.

Biden blamed the pandemic — at least 2 years in the rearview mirror for the economic recovery — and ‘Putin’s war’ for problems at home, but claimed he had mitigated those hardships.

We have more to do, but inflation is coming down here in the country.

Here at home, gas prices are down $1.50 a gallon from their peak.

Food inflation is coming down.

Inflation has fallen every month for the past six months and take home pay has risen.

When were gas prices the highest, Joe? It was during your presidency, wasn’t it? It’s like a business owner putting a 200% markup on one of their products, then slashing it by 50% and telling the consumer how they’re saving a lot of cash.

And another dose of reality — inflation has been running at or above 5% for 20 months, and Americans have lost an average of $9,300 to the increased cost of living since Biden took office.

Good ol’ blue-collar, Scranton Joe.

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Poll: Trump leads Biden

An ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed some dire news for President Biden.

His job approval rating has been underwater since September 2021. Only 37% of Americans approve of the way he is handling the economy. Only 38% approve of how he has navigated the war in Ukraine. And only 28% agree to deal with the border crisis.

But what could be a more devastating blow for the president: In a hypothetical 2024 rematch, Trump leads him by 4% of the vote.

This is some serious political fallout.

The man who incited an uprising, the man moderate Republicans saw as unelectable and has endured an onslaught of negative media coverage since 2016, is leading the man who thinks he’s made Americans better off financially.

For comparison’s sake, the same poll conducted at the same time during Trump’s presidency showed only 13% – down 28 points – believed they were financially worse off, while 25% – up 9 points – believed they were better off.

A series of polls show Trump ahead of Biden in a 2024 rematch, The Political Insider reports.

Still, the latest from ABC News/Washington Post indicates that Americans aren’t exactly clamoring for that rematch. About 60% do not want to see Biden run in 2024, and to a lesser extent, 50% would rather not see Trump run.

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