Iran Threatens to Turn New York City into ‘Hellish Ruins’

While Joe Biden has ignored the revolutionary protests in Iran and continues to try to strike a billion-dollar deal with the radical Islamic regime, Telegram channels linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have threatened attacks on US cities, Iran claims it could develop nuclear weapons “in the shortest possible time” if attacked by the US or Israel.

The Revolutionary Guard-affiliated Bsimchi Media Telegram channel released a video titled “When Will Iran’s Sleeping Nuclear Warheads Wake Up?” The video claims Iran could convert its “peaceful nuclear program into a nuclear weapons program”.

According to Iran International, the video also claims that Iran’s ballistic missiles have the ability to reduce New York City to “hellish ruins.” The Natanz nuclear facility could be vulnerable to a possible attack by Western powers and Israel, the Iranian video said.

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However, the video claims that there is a loophole in Israel’s plan: “Fordo’s nuclear facility (enrichment center) is built deep in the mountains of Iran and is protected from trench-busting bombs and even nuclear explosions … all the infrastructure needed for a nuclear breakout. Prepared on it,” the video claims: “Fordo will immediately assume war level and initiate a nuclear breakout project shortly if Natanz comes under missile attack.”

President Donald Trump pulled out of the $100 billion nuclear deal with Iran in 2018, calling it a “terrible, one-sided deal that should never be done” and reimposed tough sanctions on the Islamic regime.

said Texas Rep. Pat Fallon “Joe Biden’s Iran strategy centers on reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. A deal that enriches a murderous regime is not a deal at all, but a strategic folly. It is time for us to chart a new path.”

Breitbart journalist Carolyn Glick tweeted: “Iran is threatening to nuke New York. We have warned that America’s refusal to deal with Iran in any serious way will have consequences. We warned that this would be the last state of Obama-Biden nuclear appeasement. Progressives attack us as warmongers. They did it.”

The Biden administration has secretly renewed a series of sanctions waivers that allow Iran and Russia to cooperate on nuclear work at Iran’s enrichment sites. Washington Free Beacon.

“Secretary of State Anthony Blinken approved the waiver on January 31, but Congress was not notified of the decision until late on February 3. Free Beacon Began to inquire about the exemption”, reports the news site. “Senior congressional sources say the Biden administration is trying to sweep the sanctions waivers under the rug.”

“This concession sends a message to both Tehran and Moscow that Washington still wants to proceed with the Russia-enabled Iran nuclear deal where (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and the mullahs make billions,” said Richard Goldberg, senior adviser to the foundation. Former White House National Security Council Director for Defense of Democracies and Countering Iran’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. “This is a stab in the back for Ukraine and a victory for Rosatom.”

Iran International Robert Malley, the US special envoy for Iran, has reportedly met secretly with Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Saeed Eravani, at least three times in the past two months.

An Israeli drone struck an advanced weapons-production facility in the Iranian city of Isfahan on January 31. The Jerusalem Post, Western intelligence described the strike as a success, disputing Iran’s claim that the blast caused little damage to the roof. The attack could hamper Iran’s ability to arm Russia, which has used Iran’s loitering weapons — popularly known as suicide or kamikaze drones — to strike civilian targets in Ukraine.