Humiliating SOTU Moment Biden Says Refrigerator, Cellphone Turned Off

President Joe Biden claimed in his State of the Union address on Tuesday that the economy was in such dire straits during the pandemic that mobile phones and refrigerators were out of a job.

The gaffe machine stood before both houses of Congress and bragged that his administration had built a strong economy. Naturally she stepped on his face.

Biden was referring to the global chip shortage when he shared his painful experience with poor phones and appliances.

“There weren’t enough chips!” she said. β€œCar prices have increased. People got laid off. Everything from refrigerators to cellphones did.”

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The president was mocked for the kind of verbal abuse the country has come to expect from him:

According to the official White House transcript of the speech, Biden meant to say that the price of cell phones and refrigerators has gone up, not that they lost their jobs.

Biden’s leadership has put real people β€” not machines β€” in financial trouble.

On that note, someone should check the Maytag Man’s employment status. His commercials have been woefully absent from TV for the past several years. So “can you hear me now?” verizon guy

This article was originally published in the Western Journal.