Elementary school students start clubs that exclude white kids

Racism remains alive and well in our nation’s public schools, especially in dark blue states. A recently released email shows that Centennial Elementary School in Olympia, Washington engaged in blatant segregation by barring white children from a student affinity group that met during lunch.

According to conservative talk show host Jason Rantz, school officials confirmed the authenticity of the email.

School principal Shannon Ritter told parents in an email “”We have a 5th grade BIPOC student group that meets weekly during their lunch hour.” She noted that the group does not include white children.

Ritter also said the school is trying to add an additional student ally club, citing interest from some students. The message did not specify whether this hypothetical group would also exclude white children.

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There is substantial evidence that this group is clearly illegal, especially when one considers that it was orchestrated by school officials. Here’s what Seattle-based attorney Mark Lamb told Rentz:

“The fact that this is happening in an elementary school makes it even more problematic from a legal standpoint. The age of the students, coupled with the principal’s email: This ‘club,’ makes it clear that this is not primarily a student-led decision but one that is being made and defended by the school.” ,” Lamb said.

As one can imagine, many school parents expressed their outrage at such blatant racism. One parent shared her perspective with Seattle-based COMO News:

“My son came home and said they came to class, and they were promoting it and talking to the students, but then he found out he couldn’t participate because he was white,” Centennial Elementary School parent Jessica Juergens told COMO News. “They have friends they want to play with at lunch, and a fourth or fifth grader doesn’t understand why they can’t play with their friends.”

“I think it’s promoting segregation in our schools, and we’ve gotten away from that,” he added.

Jurgens also noted that he fears potential retaliation but still wants the district to end the racist student club.