Hunter Biden admits laptop is real, threatens money with lawsuit, wants

First son Hunter Biden has seemingly finally admitted that his infamous laptop is indeed his, and is now calling for a criminal investigation of those who shared the data with media sources and threatening Fox News host Tucker Carlson with a defamation suit.

NBC News reported that Mr. Biden’s lawyers “sent letters requesting an investigation into allies of former President Donald Trump who they say were smuggled information stolen from his laptop.”

Which, in and of itself, is a revelation, considering the media and Papa Biden told us the laptop wasn’t real and little more than a Russian hoax.

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Hunter Biden demanded an investigation

The letters were sent to both the Justice Department’s National Security Division and the Delaware Attorney General’s Office.

The former is requesting an investigation into “those for whom there is substantial reason to believe Mr. Biden violated various federal laws in accessing, copying, manipulating and/or disseminating personal computer data.”

It should be noted that if he had not left the laptop at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, there would have been nothing to ‘promote’.

In fact, the letter accuses the owner of the repair shop, Mac Isaac, and President Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, of “possession of stolen property.”

Isaac, however, disputed any notion that the material was stolen in any way, saying he legally owned the laptop when it was unclaimed.

In a statement to NBC News, Giuliani said, “The work order is as clear as can be. The laptop has become abandoned property under the control of John MacIsaac.”

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The threat of Sue Tucker

In a separate letter to Fox News, Biden’s lawyers demanded a retraction of “false and defamatory statements made by Mr. Carlson on his show.”

The issue included a segment in which Carlson claimed Hunter was paying $50,000 in rent to stay at the president’s Delaware home, although the Washington Post later clarified that it was three months’ rent for an office in Washington.

Biden’s lawyers put Carlson and Fox News on “potential litigation notice” and advised them to preserve all documents related to the story.

A source close to Hunter Biden praised his efforts in a statement to NBC News.

“This marks a new approach for Hunter Biden and his team,” the person said. “He will not sit quietly as questionable characters continue to violate his rights and false media organizations try to defame him.”

That’s right – the country’s foremost connoisseur of crack and hookers, once so blown out of his mind that he smoked parmesan cheese, stands for “questionable character.”

Text messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop recently released by the Daily Mail show he withheld pay from a female assistant, then sent various payments as she struggled to pay the rent in exchange for video sex sessions.

During the 2020 presidential debates, then-candidates Biden insisted The information found on Hunter’s laptop was simply “a smear campaign” and “a bunch of garbage.”

“I thought Biden told us it was all Russian meddling,” said former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who has also been targeted by Hunter’s lawyers.

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