“Do your guys in uniform have any identifiers” – Shocking Capitol Police

It was all one big setup!

Videos surfaced on Twitter hours ago showing multiple instances of undercover federal agents at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Now, there is more evidence showing the extent of the presence of undercover federal agents at the Capitol on January 6.

In the first video released by FreeStateWill on Twitter a few hours ago, two officers are shown following Ashley Babbitt into the Capitol. Officer 2 reiterated his belief that someone was going to shoot. Then they join in chanting, “Whose home? Our house!”

In the second tweet in the thread, public videos show government agents, yet the US government continues to withhold videos of these officials.

In a third tweet, DOJ/DOE agents were identified walking toward the Capitol as President Trump spoke near the Washington Monument. The US government has yet to release all videos from that day.

In a fourth tweet, a Capitol Police officer said, “Let them take this motherf*ker.”

In the fifth tweet, an officer is waving at people at the Capitol.

In the sixth tweet, Metro Police stopped armed men near the Capitol and showed them IDs revealing they were DOJ or DOE agents. They were all policemen.

In the final tweet, a Capitol Police officer discussed their non-uniformed boys and how to spot them.

It was all a great big setup. Release these people and put the real perpetrators of the 6th January riots away for life or face treason.