BREAKING: First Black Woman, Christina Karamo, Wins MI GOP Chair Race…Fake

100 Percent Fed Up – Tonight, conservative rock star Christina Caramo made history when she became the first black female chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Trust me when I tell you, this is just the “first” for Karamo, who is the most honest, sincere and straightforward person to ever hold the role of MI GOP Chair.

Christina Karamo casts her vote in the third and final round of voting for MI GOP chair.

Former Republican MI Secretary of State candidate Dr Christina Karamo Former MI AG candidate Matt DiPerno won the chair race with 58% of the vote to 42%. Final votes were counted after three rounds of voting lasting more than 11 hours at the MI GOP state convention, where thousands of delegates gathered to choose the person they believe will do the best job of overhauling what many believe is a fractured party. will do Must be burned to the ground and rebuilt in the image of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, and not billionaire bully Betsy DeVos or former useless GOP chair like Laura Cox or country club GOP chair Bobby Schostak.

The fake news media is already losing their minds.

The moment Karamo was officially called for the MI GOP chair race, Craig Mager, Metro Detroit’s top fake news Detroit News reporter, promptly shared a screenshot of Christina’s plan to fight the Democrat Party’s well-oiled voter fraud machine in Michigan.

Reminder: This is from Christina Karamo’s Vision Plan for the Michigan Republican Party.

Yes! She will be amazing! No more sitting back and letting our elections be stolen, no more backroom deals with crooked Rhinos and Dems. @Christina Caramo She will be a force to be reckoned with—and there is no one who will stand in her way—especially not like fake news reporters @CraigDMauger

Instead of congratulating the first black woman to hold the prestigious position of MI GOP chair, Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press used words like “electoral denial” to describe Karamo, suggesting Karamo is the favorite to run for office in the MI Republican Party without any evidence for her claims. “will isolate the moderate voice” among the candidates. If Karamo had been a Democrat, the media would have screamed “racism” for the media’s treatment of him.

Inside Elections’ Jacob Rubashkin mocks 2022 Republican SOS candidate Christina Karamo for losing to America’s crookedest SOS, Soros-funded Democrat Jocelyn Benson.

The New York Times is also losing their minds that someone who dared to question the results of the 2020 election and, again, refused to accept the results of 2022, that absolutely nothing was done to fix Michigan’s broken election, would dare to win the role. MI GOP Chair.

The media would lose their minds throughout the night, as Karamo repeatedly called them out for spreading fake news or refused to talk to reporters like Craig Mager or Detroit News editorial editor Nolan Finley, who once told me that “there’s no use for him” as a Trump Republican. .” The truth is that Michigan Republicans have no use for fake news reporters or cowardly Republican elected officials who are afraid to stand up for the left and ignore the voices of their constituents only looking for their next cocktail party or an opportunity to advance themselves. As Michigan’s next GOP leader, Karamo will be a breath of fresh air. He is a humble public servant who is serious about fighting to restore a broken party that no longer trusts his leadership. If anyone can restore confidence in the party, it is Karamo.

Who knows, with an honest, conservative leader at the helm of the Michigan GOP, everyday Michigan citizens might start donating to the MI GOP again. Perhaps the party will no longer have to rely on millionaires and billionaires seeking favors to fund the party. With Karamo’s charisma and passion to fix the MIGOP, he could possibly be the best thing in the MIGOP in decades.

Congratulations, Christina Caramo.