Congress Introduces Bill to Defund Wuhan Animal Lab

Rep. Scott Perry and Sen. Joni Ernst, both Republicans, have introduced legislation to defund the Wuhan animal lab.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology Act would prohibit taxpayer funding of the institution’s dangerous animal testing, including defunding bat and mouse coronavirus tests.

Taxpayer watchdog White Coat Waste Project is the first to open and cut NIH funding for Wuhan labs’ dangerous coronavirus animal experiments.

The agency also revealed how WIV, EcoHealth and the NIH violated a federal profit-of-function funding ban and how the NIH allowed the Wuhan lab to remain eligible for more taxpayer funding, particularly for animal testing.

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“The team that first exposed and ended the NIH’s reckless funding of the Wuhan animal lab, we applaud Sen. Ernst and Rep. Perry for introducing commonsense legislation to defend this CCP-run facility whose dangerous coronavirus experiments on animals likely caused the pandemic. ,” Tristan Daedalus, Director of Government Affairs, White Coat Waste Project, told Gateway Pundit.

“Our investigations in early 2020 uncovered how Wuhan Lab wasted US tax dollars on risky gain-of-function animal testing in violation of federal funding restrictions,” Dedalus continued. “The Wuhan lab has refused to turn over records related to animal experiments funded by US tax dollars, deleted its public virus database and otherwise obstructed investigations into the origins of COVID.”

Dedalus added, “Even now, we discovered that the NIH inexplicably allowed the Wuhan lab to qualify for more tax money, especially for animal testing. Both the House and Senate passed legislation last Congress to defund the Wuhan animal lab, and it’s past time to cut it off once and for all. Taxpayers should not be forced to bankroll white coats in Wuhan who waste money, break laws, abuse animals and endanger public health. Close the money. Stop the madness!”

Representative Perry introduced the first Defund WIV Act in 2021.

The House and Senate passed bills to defund WIV last year with bipartisan support, but none made it to President Joe Biden’s desk to sign into law.