Church of England to consider God “gender-neutral”.

Headquarters of the Church of England

The Awakened Left has infected Christianity. Prominent forces within the Church of England want to abandon the gospel in favor of referring to God in a “gender-neutral” manner.

The Bible since it was first written has primarily used male pronouns when referring to God. But that doesn’t mean God is male, anyway.

Unlike humanity, God does not have a biological gender because He is not made of matter. In fact, no one knows what God looks like.

Fundamental theology remains a foreign concept to evoke power, but including within the Church.

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telegraph Report:

For decades, the gender of God has prompted debate within the Church, with many calling for the male pronouns He and Him, as well as references to Our Father, to be discarded in favor of gender neutral or feminine alternatives.

Now, in a departure from centuries of tradition, bishops will launch a project on “gendered language” referring to God in church services later this year.

Details of the plan emerged in a written question to the Liturgical Commission, which prepares and promulgates the church’s service and liturgical forms at the General Synod, the church’s legislative body, which is sitting this week.

Rev Joanna Stobert, from the Diocese of Bath and Wells, asked what steps were being taken to offer congregants alternatives to referring to God with male pronouns and whether there were any updates “to develop more inclusive language in our approved liturgy”.

He asked bishops to “provide more options for those who want to use the approved liturgy and speak of God in a non-gendered way, especially in the approved absolutism where many of the prayers for use refer to God using male pronouns”.

However, the Rev. Ian Paul, a member of the General Synod and the Council of Archbishops of the Church of England, warned against any departure from the original scriptures, saying: “The use of male pronouns for God should not imply that God is male – which is a heresy. God is not sexual, unlike humanity.

“The Bible uses feminine images and metaphors of God, but primarily identifies God using masculine pronouns, names, and images. Male and female figures are not interchangeable.

“God called ‘father’ cannot be replaced by ‘mother’ without changing the meaning, nor can it be gender-neutralized as ‘parent’ without damaging the meaning. Fathers and mothers are not interchangeable but relate to their children in different ways.

“If the Liturgical Commission wants to change this, then in an important way they will move the Church’s doctrine away from being grounded in Scripture.”

Any permanent changes or rewriting of scriptures, including gendered language, must be agreed upon at a future meeting of the Synod.