“How do officials know that?”

Tucker Carlson went after Biden administration officials who made all kinds of allegations, many false, that a giant Chinese spy balloon was located in Montana.

Last night Tucker Carlson made an observation about one of the many stories and lies about China’s spy balloons flying over the United States.

Tucker shared:

On January 28, the balloon entered US airspace over Alaska. From there, it travels to the Northwest Territories of Canada and then returns to the United States over Idaho. Last Wednesday, February 1st, it was spotted by civilians in the skies over southern Montana.

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A man looking out the window of an office building in Billings saw what he thought was a UFO. It was too small to be a moon, he said. He started taking pictures. Soon it appeared on social media. Almost immediately, the entire city’s airspace over Billings was shut down. Commercial flights have been diverted. F-22 Raptors arrived with refueling tankers and AWACS surveillance aircraft from nearby air force bases. It was a big story.

Eventually, it was confirmed that it was a Chinese spy balloon, and then a series of stories about the balloon and its security and what was in it escaped. The Biden administration shot down the balloon and then the Chinese said why are you doing that?

Tucker destroyed this story with multiple lies. How did Biden know what was in that balloon?

Watch Tucker’s opening below.