China’s foreign ministry has condemned the Biden regime and mainstream fake news

Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin attacked the Biden administration over the Nord Stream pipeline explosion and accused the mainstream fake news media of being “complicit in America’s crimes.” He also questioned why the Biden administration was not protecting its own people in the wake of the train derailment in Ohio.

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Russia as well as China and Germany are now requesting an investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and any connection to Joe Biden.

It’s been a week since Se Hersch’s explosive article linking Joe Biden to the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Harsh said the Biden gang was responsible for last fall’s pipeline explosion, according to his sources.

In his first interview since the release of his bombshell Nord Stream report, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said it was “not a hard story to find” and that it was clear NATO was involved in the Nord Stream attack. Hersh was surprised to see his colleagues, who “didn’t seem to have anyone inside.”

Biden “saw that gas as a weapon”, Hersh said. “As long as Russia was selling so much gas, they thought Russia would weaponize it if there was a war.” Planning began before the war, Hersh said.

“The The New York Times There are many terrible reporters, but when it comes to this kind of reporting, they underestimate the American people. We are ready to accept that the president has done this,” Harsh said. “You have to be accountable to the president.”

On Wednesday, Wang Wenbin called for an investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the prosecution of those involved. He also attacked the US mainstream media for complicity in America’s crimes.

“Nord Stream gas pipelines are vital, international infrastructure. The explosions have had a severe impact on the global energy market and the environmental environment. If the American investigative journalist Hersh is telling the truth, and the US attacked the pipelines, this act is clearly unacceptable and must be answered for. ,” Wenbin said.

“The US owes the world a responsible explanation. What we want to ask is why media outlets that have always claimed to be independent, professional and fair have reported so little on the latest Nord Stream investigation and a major incident like the train accident. A Chemical leaks that threaten the lives and safety of the American people? As far as we know this is not the first time this has happened,” he continued.

Wengbin also attacked the Biden administration for not protecting its people in the Ohio train derailment.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine revealed that the Biden administration is actively refusing to help East Palestine. FEMA claims Ohio is “not eligible for assistance at this time.”

“Immediately after the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines, we saw widespread coverage in the Western media of one-sided speculation about “responsibility” for the sabotage. However, what we see now, these media, hailed as free, professional and impartial, are silent on the investigative report of Seymour Hersh. .Does this not call for concern and reflection?” Wengbin added.

“Since the train derailment has caused a chemical leak in the United States, many Americans have questioned the US government and the media for downplaying the accident. At public events, US officials described the balloon as a challenge for the United States, but said nothing about this serious chemical leak accident. . On social media, many Americans are asking the US government: What is it hiding? People have sharp eyes. They have already seen the US government’s overreaction and dramatization of the unexpected incident of the civilian aircraft carrier. They are fully aware of who exactly is trying to attract public attention. is doing,” he said.